Bananas confirm existence of god

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  1. don't monkeys eat bananas? so therefore eating them would be like taking a step down in evolution.
  2. He wasn't saying the banana specifically proves God's existance...just that God has made many things fit together in such a way as to make things easier. I saw this once live.
  3. I've always thought that bananas were the perfect food... now I know why! :D
  4. lololol!

    that is absolutely hilarious.

    oh well
  5. :laughing:
    oh jeez that was too funny. those sounded like some stoner observations..looking waay too deep down into it and feeling like you completely understand :smoking:
  6. couldnt the banana change over time with the ape using them so often?
  7. I didn't realize that it was that Kirk Cameron show... no wonder it seemed so 'out there'... bananas... HA! ... That's apeshit, man!
  8. haha that's funny because i felt that way towards my alarm clock the other day.

    I may sound completley crazy, but it made like universal sense to me at the time.

    poor little bastard just does his job and gets smacked and yelled at.
  9. i thought that I was supposed to be stoned when making observations...
  10. i have 56k and dont wanna dl the video, someone tell me what it was about and what point it makes
  11. This man is sitting there with a banana demonstrating how it perfectly fits in your hand with ridges, has a tab for easy opening, is shaped like your mouth etc etc. He said because it was so perfectly fitting for humans, it was like an act of God to create it. It was the most rediculous statement made while not under the influence of drugs. I laughed for good while after seeing it, then proceeded to send it to several friends. Props on finding it.
  12. Well... I'm pretty baked and I thought it was neat. It really IS incredibly well adapted to us! A total stoner observation indeed!
  13. The video was from that Kirk Cameron christian show... I don't think Kirk or the other guy in the vid are stoners. :D :cool:

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