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  1. Ahahaha, I can't give you any information about it, but that shit is tripping me out, haha.

    Good find. :hippie:
  2. This song is probbably twice as wild now that I'm sober. Oh man. It's so fucked up! The one thing the voice does remind me of the voice of that guy who does those "squirrly" flash movies where the squirrel goes off on a rant. Anybody else remember these?


  4. Haha, I think it is that guy (foamy) but don't know anything else about it..pretty funny/trippy though.
    FYI, the squirrel thing is at:
  5. god i love this song!

  6. i burned that song onto a cd for my friend, and we play it all the time in his car when we smoke, and we laugh uncontrolably to this day... it will be sad once its not funny anymore, but hey, it works now! :D

    cellular bananular phones are awesome btw...
  7. I know all about it friends. Bananphone is s song by our goof friend the Jewish children's guitar player, Raffi.

    I used to hall of his hit records, and music videos (which consisted of him sitting on a stage and playing a guitar).

    I hope you all know you're dumber for listening to it. :)
  8. NEO! That's cool as hell! The song is too wild for me to dislike it! Do you have any links or pages I can read about this song or the person who (HOW?!) wrote it? Thanks a ton!
  9. Shouldn't have to look far for a site about Raffi. He used to be pretty damned famous. I recommend throwing his name and a song into a search engine and hitting "enter."

    I don't see how it can be much more difficult than that. (Not to many folks with a name like Raffi)
  10. ^^^

    Incorrect my friend. Infact, I have a friend named Raffie. It's got an E at the end, though. But I'd imagine its pronounced the same way.
  11. Hey guys! Neo was right, it's def this Raffi guy. I did a quick google of it, and lo and behold I could (theoretically) buy this cd, off amazon!


    I figured I'd see if it was the same thing (as if anybody else could be RETARTED enough to call a cd "bananaphone") and apparently somebody sped up his song so it's all high pitch and catchy and all. It's rediculously funny to me, though I doubt I'll persue it any further. Thanks for the help guys!

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