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Banana Leaves?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by nugrugger_09, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. a little while ago a friend of mine told me that smoking banana leaves could get you high, similar but not exactly like weed. I told him he was full of shit, but he wouldn't drop it. Does anybody know if that is true, or am I right and he is full of shit?
  2. yea, of course

    if you count a placebo as high
  3. Try it and find out. Tell us how it goes.
  4. actually people say the same thing about banana peels. they say if you scrape em off then put them in the oven until dry then smoke them that they get you high

    i wouldnt doubt it because so many things in this world can have this effect that many people will never know about. but its not something id do.

  5. when i use to go too highschoo, a teacher told me.. u heard of a song that gose like... Yellow Yellow Mellow... i was like yea, what about it.. he was like, well this singers where out of drugz, so they starter too bake da banna peelz in a oven. so then, they started to smoke it.. n thats why they came up wit da song yellow yellow mellow.. i didnt belive him, but hey it might be true... since i just saw thiz thread about it...
  6. Oh yeah dude. It will definitly work. You know, there is also this awesome other method - go out and get yourself some poprocks, and dump them in a hollowed out lightbulb, and smoke 'em crack style. You'll get a killer buzz...

    No, I'm sorry, I just had to come up with something that would rival that stupid ass "Banannadine" (Bananna Crack) rumor...

    No, smoking bananna peels won't work. I heard that smoking the thin rine that is on the penut when you crack the main shell... you know, that red little, thin, filmlike thing? I heard that if you smoke enough of those, you feel something. Once again, I feel this is about as stupid as the Bananna thing...
  7. yeah a friend of mine tried this method. it doesn't work. the only thing it does is stink up your whole house for 3 days. don't try it.
  8. lmao true that. if you cook a bannanna it will stink
  9. There some recipe in the anarchy cookbook about that. I think its an extraction method; you dont smoke the leaves
  10. That's the bananna crack thing I was talking about.

    I seriously reccomend not wasting your time on it. :-x
  11. I agree. I have never heard of anyone selling it, and I think I know why.
  12. :hello: yay for erowid.org
  13. Thank's guys, I never planned on trying it, seemed like a complete load of bs to me. But now I've got ammo to shoot his banana bs down.
  14. I think that smoking anything will give people a "higH" like effect, but only because of the large amount of smoke they are inhaling, and getting light headed.

    As for bannaas, i'm pretty sure that is just a myth
  15. You cant get high from smoking the leaf alone. in South Africa it is common to smoke Dry rolled banana leaves. it can be purchased from almost any local store.
    people use it as an alternative to cigarettes although the taste is very different.

    one love
  16. check out manswers. they did this along with nutmeg and orange peels I believe.
  17. Big balls?
  18. Ppl really creep me the fuck out man. Ery body is trying new shit. Wtf bro? Just smoke a joint man. I mean damn. don't kill yourself on K2 or something man. Sry I had to say it.
  19. I can get you an ounce of Banana Leaves for the low, PM me

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