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banana kush? what should i expect?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by disgustipated34, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. it's one of my first times trying higher grade buds. any tips such as whether it's indica or sativa and what kind of high i should subsequently expect? thanks :smoke:
  2. Kush is typically an indica dominant strain so expect a couch lock feeling.
  3. oh ok, i'm up for that :smoke:

    how do the buds look; think it's indica for sure?
  4. Pst, be prepared thats some intense intense weed. You better hope it's banana OG thats the best indica strain by far. That weed is soooooooooooooooooooooo good and it's so strong. Expect to be coughing till you puke.
  5. holy cow you have me scared haha i'm really excited for this now! thanks. i'll smoke a bunch for ya
  6. I LOVE banana kush. My dealer just had it. But he has sour diesel now so that's cool. But honestly banana is awesome. A very good high. I'm usually a fan of more sativa-y weed but this is a serious exception.

    I would drink a giant coffee beforehand though, it does kinda get you stuck to the couch. But a big boy coffee would balance you out.
  7. way ahead of you, got my mug full of tea ;)

    i'd share some with all of ya but as you see i have about a gram lol
  8. should be quite the experience
  9. Haha yeah it's just Medical weed is Medicine for a reason, its strong stuff. Too much and your out, just take it easy cause if you smoke too much really potent you might scare yourself to not want to smoke anymore.
  10. alright alright i'll take it slow. i'm starting now with a few bowls in a bubbler :smoke:
  11. expect it to taste like bananas. honestly. i got banana kush from a friend of a friend once, and i swear to god if you smelled it with your eyes closed you would think you had a banana in your hand. and it tasted like it too.
  12. Bananas, lots of bananas
  13. damn i have no weed and im jealous...
  14. i'm eating a bunch of bananas right now while smoking this. this is what heaven is, guys; i found it!
  15. You can expect to see shimmering rainbows all across your vision and bananas dancing in circles around you.
  16. hey man. i'm planning on getting a little bit of banana kush too! it'll be my first real taste of good mj. glad to hear it'll live up to my expectations!:yay:

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