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  1. Anybody here have any experience of strain called banana dance? I got some free seeds and was thinking about growing them out but not much info out there about them
  2. Never heard of that strain myself but i haven't done much growing in my lifetime. You should grow them and start a journal.
  3. Yeah good idea. Never done a grow journal before and it does seem like a relatively unknown strain
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  4. [​IMG]
    Banna Dance from Freedom of Seeds is CBd strain with some thc too, average is 30% Indica 70% sativa and grows fast is ideal outdoors in a polly tunnel or glass house, a well crossed plant that little know of yet!

    sales blurb:
    Banana Dance has finally arrived after crossing two very popular highly respected and very potent strains. Mostly on the high end of Sativa 70% and 30% Indica, but she grows much more like a super fast Indica strain. This new strain is a great choice for UK outdoor growing, fantastic results if grown in polly tunnels or glass houses, finishing in mid to end of sept under a natural light cycle. Very mould resistant, plus a very big yielder. Banana Dance has everything a UK outdoor grower can ask for when choosing an outdoor strain. She has a very high strong potency.
    A super fast indoor strain finishing in as little as 50 days flowering time. This strain is a brilliant allrounder suitable for the less experienced first time grower, delivering mega fast commercial yields indoors and out. Her taste is sweet Banana with lemony fruity berry, carrying deep rich intense flavours right to the back of your throat on an inhale and is lip smacking delicious. The aroma is very sweet and fruity with a hint of a sativa scent. Available in Feminised seed form only 3/5/10/15 seeds per pack.

    Banana Dance Feminised - Freedom of Seeds
  5. Sativa eh? I know nothing about it but let us know. Gertay's idea is a good one. Vee with some great weed pix.
    I never get buds that look like the pics the breeder advertises. Never. In fact, I can sometimes see 3 slightly different phenos of the same strain in an outdoor grow. weird.OK off topic. sorry OP

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