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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by SoulessStoner, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Seriously. None of the threads on religion offer any valuable discussion; just incessant bickering. There is a total lack of respect for the beliefs of others and it's starting to get old. Many good threads get derailed if somebody even says the word "God" because it turns into flaming. I am personally not offended by what anyone says on here, but reading the same flame wars over and over gets annoying fast.
  2. I don't agree at all. We are all supposed to be adults. If something violated the rules report it. But being offended is not really a rules violation

  3. I agree, Will, but you deleted a post of mine in a religious thread and I wasn't even being offensive... I was merely engaging.

    I never got what I did wrong.

  4. Never said I was offended. All I'm saying is every single fucking thread on religion turns into the same diatribes flaming Christianity. Shit gets old. You of all people should be able to see the constant disrespect in those threads.
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    ban yourself then by not enter in to those threads, but to tell others they can't discussion said topic is wrong.
    People have a right be dumbasses if they like, that why they're mods here to handle that.

  6. That would be a pretty nifty trick considering I do not have nor have I ever had mod powers in the Spiritual forum. Kindly point me towards that thread please.

    We WOULD see the disrespect if the rules violating posts were reported.
  7. My only issue with religion threads is that nothing even remotely productive ever seems to come from them. When it comes to this issue everybody goes in having their own personal beliefs and there's very little you can do to change their opinion because there's no facts or really good arguments to bring up.

    Basically I've found them to be a waste of time unless you just wanna argue with people about irrelevant nonsense so I just ignore them.
  8. jeffadamski93, I am offended that you want to remove all religious talk.

    Can we ban jeffadamski93?

    Just don't go into those threads.

  9. You haven't been here for a month and you have a low post count, and you're trying to get me banned? smmfh
  10. Oh yeah, add another topic to the list of things we're not allowed to discuss. That makes sense. Hell, it makes a ton of sense especially considering we have a forum partly dedicated to religion.

    Just because people don't like something or because they're offended by it isn't a reason to ban such discussion. That makes for such a bland and uninteresting forum, and the list will only grow longer and longer because somebody will always find a way to be offended by something. It would ruin the community
  11. OP, I see where you are coming from, but I don't think that is a step in the right direction. Everyone on this site is (supposed) to be an adult. As adults, we can choose what we wish to view. If you don't like the religion threads, you could just ignore them. But to ban them would be a shame for those that are intrigued by the discussions that occur :D

  12. Just using your own logic... :smoke:
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    yes I totally agree!!!

    Also lets track people down who use the word god and shoot them!!! oh I also have a thing about the word submarine can we ban that too??

    OH WOW your right about people with low post counts too, Im sure you joined with over 200 automatically, your like crazy cool....maybe we should ban everyone with less that 100 posts and less that 6 months on the boards...Damn your ideas are amazing! a real innovator!.

    I am more than sure you missed thunder strucks point in your attempt to belittle him because you have more posts than him and therefore are obviously smarter and more important, what he was trying to say in a satirical fashion was "JUST DON'T GO IN THOSE THREADS" most people just avoid posts they don't like im sorry you lack that self control.

    Now leave me alone your killing my buzz.
  14. Everyone has a right to believe and speak what ever they want. Rules within Grasscity is pretty simple. If a post disturbed you please report it. Otherwise i see no reason to ban users speaking religion. You just have to respect what other people choose to believe even their choice is 100% against your own believe

  15. He was just making a point. I don't think he really wants you banned :cool:
  16. Let's just ban discussion altogether. If GC is just a store, no one will ever bicker or get in flame wars in the forums. Problem solved. :rolleyes:
  17. Flame Wars=Public Debate=Fun
  18. ban the discussion and continue it right here :eek::confused: , don't think so.....

    closed - SJ the religious guru of the city ;-)
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