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Ban religion from schools

Discussion in 'Politics' started by iskander323, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Can we please get this thread moved to the I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-talking-about forum, aka sprituality and philosophy?

    At least try and understand the topic and the reality of the situation before spouting off shallow talking points?
  2. How 'bout we stop blaming religion for our problems and teach our kids how to have a conscious thought?


  3. We can't do that because then people will "wake up"

    Can't have people thinking for themselves now can we? :)
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    We didn't learn about religion in our school and yes, talking about evolution in school wasn't something I really cared about, but it didn't bother me.

    If i can sit through long discussions about things that i believe to be untrue, why can't other people?

    I'm just saying, i've let alot of shit slide because it's not worth a fight, but it seems other people can't grasp the concept of doing so.

    Lets just say we do ban religion from schools because a lot of people don't believe in it. They'd also have to start banning music and their anti drug campaigns since so many people don't believe they're appropriate to be in schools?

    (By the way, i do not believe religion should be taught in public schools. You shouldn't push your beliefs on someone else.)
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    No, you're wrong. A theory is an explanation of natural phenomenon. It has nothing to do with whether or not it has been proven. You clearly don't know what a scientific theory is.

    Public schools are funded by the government. The government should not endorse any religion. If you want religion in your school, go to a private school. Can't afford it? Tough, you can always pray and teach your children in your own home.

    By teaching religion as fact, or as credible as science, we would be deterring children from self-determination.
  6. How can you say this while using a computer to post on the internet?
  7. Good point...you've successfully shown the world how painfully ignorant you are. By that argument, we shouldn't teach history either I suppose...or read Shakespeare. Learning where we came from and how we got here has tremendous impact on understanding where life on earth is headed and what we can do to influence said path.
  8. Really? care to enlighten me?

    Nope. That's a nice straw man you got there though...

    haha, funny because the source of our life and existence has never been proven.
  9. Clearly. Do you know what Scientific Law is? Why don't you tell us the difference between the two

    Maybe we wouldn't run into this problem if the schools weren't funded by the government. Which is what I was getting at if your read my first post.

    So basically, if you can't afford a private school (which is a far majority of the population) you have absolutely no say in what your child learns at school. This is a FABULOUS way to educate our youth. Let's just have ONE big entity telling everyone the same history of the world. We can call it the ministry of truth....

    Where exactly is this religion being taught as "fact"? Do you have any other area that religion effects besides the "THEORY" or creationism? You guys are so up in arms about abolishing this evilness from our children's education but I don't really think kids learn ANYTHING about religion in school so what's the big fuss about?

    Deterring children from self-determination? Your certainly a wordsmith i'll give you that....
  10. Depends what you mean by source of our "life". Theory of evolution is as far back as we can get.
  11. God does not disprove the atom and the atom does not disprove god.
  12. That's true, but it still doesn't make it concrete, 100% truth.

    Is that the only point your going to respond to?
  13. Atoms, plate tectonics, the existence of Stalin, the addictiveness of heroin is not 100% concrete. Nothing is 100% concrete truth. What's your point?
  14. A scientific law is an empirical statement on natural phenomenon. Rather than explaining the phenomenon, it simply asserts. A scientific theory is an explanation of a natural phenomenon. Now you know.

    Really? You'd take schools away from the government just because you think learning institutions should allow prayer? Wow.

    Then who's going to pay for the schools? Okay, the government does not pay for the school. Now there will only be private schools.

    This is just confusing. Religions, their history, and philosophical-related courses DO exist. What are you arguing here?

    How so?
  15. I'd take schools back from the government because the government shouldn't be indoctrinating and institutionalizing children, youth and young adults with an education of omission, misinformation, and propaganda let alone unnecessary compulsory attendance.

    - Murray N. Rothbard, For a New Liberty (excerpts)

    What's wrong with that? Market competition would increase efficiency, diversity and decrease cost. Lack of mandated coercion from the state would lower demand and decrease cost. Lack of state-funded and state-managed schools would eliminate the state's coercive monopoly on the education system, allowing for decreased costs in the private sector, as well as improved quality.

    School isn't free now, just as it wouldn't be free without government. The difference is we'd actually have a variety of choice and options open up to individuals, families and communities. It is also feasible to suggest that private charities may arise to provide for elementary education to the lower classes.

    Of course, I don't think I'd personally suggest liberating the education system from the oppressive hand of the state prior to greater overhauls in economic policy, as the transition would be much more smooth and manageable only after certain other changes have taken place.
  16. You sound like a conspirator. There will always be misinformation and bias in education. Compulsory attendance applies to any education, homeschooled, private and public. I don't understand your point. Besides, this is getting off-topic.

    This is off-topic now. The topic and OP was on schools, evolution and religion.
  17. haha! Conspirator to do what? Change the education system for the better?

    WTF really? That's a pretty grim assessment...Does anyone else think this might be an area we want to concentrate our effort on changing?

    Well the truth is whether or not we teach evolution or creation is not really important. Education system is an important limb in the body of American prosperity. Right now it's infected and we're putting bandaids on the wound....
  18. I never said don't improve the system, it will just never be flawless. Privatizing schools so that they can teach courses like evolution won't improve education. Also, the best universities in the country are private. You have among the most intelligent people in the world going to private universities in this country.

    Then this is completely off topic. The subject was on religion and school. You've managed to completely void evolution and creationism to conclude on an irrelevant point.
  19. He talks as if he thinks public schools are dogmatic.[/quote]
    Who's to say they aren't?

    No, it's more like you are accepting the gross inadequacies of public education and just saying "meh, can't have a perfect system..."

    First off, why do you keep bringing up evolution or creationism? This is a small FRACTION of what our kids learn in school. Do you really think the only difference between private schools is that one teaches evolution and the other teaches creationism? I'm still waiting for someone to give me an example of religion really conflicting with school cirriculum BESIDES the "theory of creationism".

    What's your point? Because I would argue that most elite universities have used the market to become INCREDIBLY successful. Meanwhile the state funded schools are in dire straits.

    Is Evolution vs. Creation the ONLY issue here? is there any other problem that religion creates in public school besides one little line in the history/science books?
  20. Er... ok? :confused: I'd rather conspire against injustice than conform to it.

    "There will always be murder"

    The point is it shouldn't. Don't confuse schooling with education.


    This thread is about religion and schools, centering around mandates and the compulsory laws. To say this is off topic is a cop out and nothing more. If you can't connect the dots, that's your own failing, quite frankly.

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