Ban justifications?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by purplenuggets, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. So today I noticed that Stoogemeister got banned. I'm not here to argue against the mods decision, I just wanted to suggest that mods provide an explanation as to why some blades, especially the well known and liked ones, won't be around anymore. Again, I'm sure you had a good reason; all I'm looking for is some closure. I know on a different forum I used to frequent, the mods had a special forum to announce bans and provide some reference. I know you guys are busy at the moment, but it would really be nice. If the software allows, you could even put the justification in a special section on their profile. Hell, it might even help keep other members in line.

    Just some constructive criticism. :wave:
  2. infractions are private for a reason. you know when you get them and you see as they add up. once they get to a certain point, you get banned.

    rep, infractions, and mod actions are supposed to be a private matter and i think its going to stay that way.
  3. some people get banned when they only have like 5 or 6 posts. when i see a person with banned under their name and only 5 or 6 posts i look at all their other posts and cant work out why they were banned ?
  4. I can't speak for this list, but on mine its because they are a recently banned member who has signed back up under a new name. 26 times in a row. After threatening to come to my house and set fire to my shoes.
    Must...protect...New Balance.....
  5. 26 times in a row? shit why dont the admins just ban their IP.

  6. YOU can only see the 5 or 6 posts that weren't ban worthy. usually spam posts are deleted and if they contributed anything (probably not) it is just left there.

    they do, but whats to stop them from just using a proxy or different computer? they come back and spam the city, bash the mods, complain and whine.
  7. I can not say why he was banned, that info is private, but I can tell you it was for a VERY VERY good reason!
  8. i know why and it was for a stupid reason, but thats my personal opinion..oh well..
  9. and you're entitled to it. keep it to yourself.
  10. as you are entitled to your opinion about my opinion so keep that to yourself. thanks

    cheers :bongin:
  11. Wow...some people are negative nancies every day of the week! Every post I see...negative nancy. Oh well. :rolleyes:

    People get banned for different reasons...some for breaking rules, some for registering after being banned already, some for having multiple accounts pretending to be different people, some for trolling, some for spam, etc...

    Also, you don't have to hit 50 points in infractions to get banned. You can get banned with zero points.

    None of this information will ever be logged for you guys to see. LOL! We're too big and too busy to do that and another person's account really has nothing to do with anyone else.
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