Bamboo Tattoo I Got In Koh Tao

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  1. bamboo.jpg
    Thought it was worth a share.. quite a good job for the price I paid to be honest ..
    I'm happy with it atleast.

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  3. Is Koh Tao in Thailand? How much did it cost you if you dont mind?
  4. Cost about 60 quid or something and yeah Koh Tao is an Island in Thailand.. great for sucba diving :D
  5. Thats usd $94.07 if anyone cared.
    I'll get a bamboo tattoo on one of my travels one of these days.
  6. Was that done with a gun or stick

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  7. It was done with a stick dipped in ink.. lots of stabbing !
  8. nice sak yant ftmfw. i want one at some point
  9. Lovely...I stick to henna for now...Would love to get one of those one day though

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