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    Does anyone know if bamboo is toxic to smoke out of I made a pipe out of the branch and hollowed it out can anyone help thx it says the shoots have cyanide in them n I don't know if it's cool to use or not
  2. I've smoked through a homemade wood pipe made from a tree branch in my backyard and I'm still alive.

    I say go for it
  3. Bamboo is fine, but it needs to cure first. Set it aside for a year or two to air dry it. I have a piece that cured for six years before I made it into a bamboong. If your can't wait that long, hit it up carefully with a torch- it will get a beautiful golden yellow color when it's ready. Make sure to sand or file the tube so your downstem sits at a good angle. I use a smaller piece of bamboo for my downstem/bowl apparatus, cut at the bottom just above one nodule to just above the next at the top. Poke a small hole in the nodule with a red hot wire to finish it. To seal the bowl, use melted beeswax for an au naturale experience.

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