Bamboo bong

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  1. I've been working with bamboo for a little while now ever since my good pal found a patch of easily accessible bamboo. When we started we made some rough shit but it got the job done. But I always wanted to go bigger and better of course. Instead of quick chillums I started making bongs and other things. Unfortunately I only have a picture of my most recent creation, a basic bamboo and coconut bong. I've made a quadruple chamber bamboo bong and some sick steamrollers and pipes. I also like making wood pipes as well. Anyways my pals have been starting to get really stoked whenever I come over with a new piece so I'm thinkin I should start maybe sellin some custom shit. Problem is pricing. I'm not sure how much would be a fair price for these pieces. I put a lot of time and work into each piece I make so it's hard to put a price on that. Any guesstimates on a price range for my most recent bong? Thanks guys! Also this is my first post yay!
  2. Post pix mofo

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