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  1. BAMAhempCO is looking for A partnership any ideas? We own and which we intend to make into an online University. Andrew

    What we at BAMAhempCO are looking for is an established store and or an individual to corner the Europian market, with the BAMAhempCO products and killer logo. Finical backing and silent partners are optional. Also, remember BAMAhempU which eventually will not only be an on line university but an actuall university the building and land has all ready been located. Where students will learn hands on subjects like hydrophonics, environmental clean up, etc. yes with a diploma.

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  2. HI,

    please explain more, what is what do you mean with partnerships and what is your goal?

  3. Oooh, on-line university?

    I'd like to display THAT diploma on my wall!
  4. can i schedule a field trip to school?
    i live due south on the coast in p'cola.

    keep us up to date, and asking for help.

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