BAM! who is up?

Discussion in 'General' started by WeedSirum, May 13, 2006.

  1. Hey its 1:10 am in IL here I am about to go smoke a bowl in my car. I just wanted to know who was up. I will check this when I get back in alll LIFTED :smoking: :smoking:

    smoke that green shit...
  2. What up BRO!! Dan here is awake, its 220 here in cinci! hit me up on aim if u wanna talk, samename as forum name, nushaganazad
  3. Im smokin some fatties right now
  4. I just smoked a huge bowl, and smoked it in the most conservative way ever. I got so much off of it. lasted like 10 mins. :D
  5. b wils here!!!!!!
  6. i'm still awake. not sure how, i could barely keep my eyes open all day from being tired and it started getting later and now im not really tired any more....weird shit

    it is currently 3:17 am here in athens
  7. i left my blow at my friends house so im awake but fadin fast...
  8. Well smoke that 1 bowl when I made the thread.....2 hours later its 3:17 I think thats it for me.
  9. its 4.52 here, and still hittin the gb haha. guess i aint going to bed.
  10. BAM!!!

    its currently 4:24 am here in chicago and its really fucking cold. I have enough bud that i gathered up for a fat bong.
  11. hit that bong for me! i only got the gb in my room! haha, 530 here now
  12. 2.30 AM here. Up. no weed, but im stoned.
  13. It's 4:30 here, and I just signed on cause I haven't been around in a while and I was missing you guys here! I got most of my stuff taken care of now, so I should be gradually coming back full force... Just thought I'd say Hello again...

    ~ Terpsichore
  14. :hello: :wave: :smoke:

    HEY TERP, glad to see you back once again.
  15. Thank you, thank you... I just sent you a PM, I'm glad to be back... I can't believe I managed to stay away so long!!! It wasn't easy, I'll tell you that!!! Things are finally settling down now, so that's good.. how have things been going here? I guess once I catch up I'll know! :D Love ya all...

    ~ Terpsichore
  16. no shit, i was just going to post a thread on where terpsichore has been lol. anyways its 542 in the morn here and im still blazed off my ass, and it has to be like 30F outside, fuck its cold.

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