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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Chrysamere, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. i've been kinda frustrated lately cause i'm trying to learn photoshop inside and out and there's a lot to it, but i made this today after not making anything decent for a few days (tell me what you think guys! CRITIQUE ME DAMNIT.)
  2. coool trippy
  3. mind if i use as my desktop, btw?
  4. yes that's what they are made for!
  5. Critique: Its good, but it almost looks like you're trying to hard to achieve the image. If this doesn't make sense just assume i'm stoned and move on. :smoking:

    Try to move away from using lesflare effects in your chops as they tend to get overused in many peoples photoshops. I like the "sun through water" effect but they multiple circles confuse me. Perhaps try just one circle? or maybe none at all and instead try to recreat a view of the sun from under water while diffusing its light throught the ripples of the water.

    Just some suggestions to better your work, as its pretty good as is. Take them for what you will and keep at it. :)
  6. Cool dude I like it, I cant do shit with photoshop so anything looks good to me.
  7. doesn't have anything to do with sun or water, it's abstract. and i think effected lens flares look better than brushed on circles imo
  8. tell me what you think of this one too guys

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  9. Photoshop is pretty expensive huh? Anyone know where I can get it bootlegged?
  10. the blue one is real cool, trippy kinda, i think i'm gonna use it for my background for a little while

    the second one, altho not as colorful still really holds my attention, nice work
  11. man i want to know how u did that lighting in teh first one its pretty sweet
  12. They're both good, but that second picture REALLY tripped me out. Definately impressive, it like made me have a flashback to a memory I've thought to be forgotten, I just can't remember what it is.

    Thanks for trippin me out though.

    Edit - It's so simple yet you can stare at it forever, awsome/.
  13. badass. I like it alot, keep up the good work.

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