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  1. Well, out of 6 plants so far I have 2 confirmed females and 2 I think may be males. Just wanted some expert opinion before I chuck 2 plants.

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  2. I would lean toward male on the first two pics. The third, I am not sure yet. No rush to hack the first two down though. They won't pollinate your females for a while, so wait until you are absolutely sure.

    Question, do you have a fan on your plants? The stalks look a little spindly. If you don't have a fan, I would suggest getting one before your buds get too heavy for your stalks.

    Good luck!
  3. you need to take better pics. Give us a view looking down at the internode (and closer) so we can see, more clearly, whether or not those are balls or calyx.

    I would say pic #2 is a male.

  4. Agreed.
    Not Sure yet
    Do you have any updated pics?
  5. Sorry, been away a while, they did end up quite ball full. Both plants are now drying and will be used with more stems and female leftovers for hash oil. So far out of my 6 I have 3 fems, one that may be a hermy, 2 dead, and one that got very sick and is still working on showing sex. Of the 3 that are budding I have a total of 54 small buds on 2 plants. They are about 1-2weeks into flowering now. The third female is still just starting out and had a light fall on it recently so it's a bit stunted at the moment. I'll start a new thread and post some updates in a few days or so when I get the chance.
  6. Please if you have a hermie I want to see all kinds of pics.
  7. Was checking my girl tonight (day 37 of flower) and noticed what I could have sworn is the start of a male flower. I thought SmknVTEC is gonna shit, an honest-to-God hermie! After pulling her out of the cab to put at a more comfortable viewing height, stabilizing her from swaying, getting out the magnifying glass, and putting a bright halogen right on the spot in question, I could then see it was just a funny-looking calyx.

    So the myth stays a myth another day...

  8. LoL
    Thanks toasty. See folks, it is very easy to misdiagnose sex sometimes; even for advanced growers. I am still waiting to see my first legitimate hermie. After 3 years of being here on GC, I don't recall ever seeing one.

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