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  1. So last week i topped my plant annie im seeing balls below where i topped it at and its been 3 weeks into 12/12 and no signs but im not sure if those balls are pollen sacs or something else tomorrow will be 6 weeks old so any ideas or somethin on this
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    without pictures there's no way to be certain. if she hasn't shown any flowers yet, those balls should probably be a hint. it's a male, breh.
  3. Yea. So how long can it take for the seeds to grow. And they are only at the top its just two and the pics are on my thread "growing popcorn mid"
  4. seeds grow on the females after the males pollinate them. If it's a male there will be no seeds, only pollen...if it's hermie, chop it.
  5. Yea im thinking about cutting it down now

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