Balls deep or balls in?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Uluvmynuts2, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Anybody ever get all the way in and the nuts too? How was it? Girls do you like?
  2. Wait, balls in is a literal term?


    Welp, I'm gonna have to say balls deep is pretty fucking fantastic. But balls in.. Idk, seems like it might hurt.
  3. :laughing:

    i'm waaayyy too stoned to try and picture that shit man

    fuck no that wouldnt happen
  4. the problem isn't getting them in, its getting them out...
  5. I'm laughing so much I'm in pain. I love you guys..
  6. lmao

    i put my balls in first then i drive them home
  7. I saw a porn where a dude stuck his left nut in a girl's butthole and he popped it out, looked like it hurt. No thanks...
  8. Wait, is this not serious?

    Damn, I'm high :smoking:
  9. if shes tight that shit would hurt lol... if shes loose.... hellyeah im dipping my WHOLE package in her bowl.
  10. Not sure if some of you guys are really serious :eek:. Shit literally had me loling :laughing:
  11. What if she flexes her pussy as soon as you get both of them in there?
    It'd be like some sort of bio-iron maiden for your package.
  12. my dicks way to big usually i go only halfway and shes already in pain

  13. [​IMG]
  14. This might work better if the girl had no legs...just sayin..
  15. I just slap my big nutsack in her face
  16. by the time im done im in up too my nipples.

    getting out from there is a lot like being flushed down a toilet in reverse
  17. hahaah yup ima bad ass and thank you too all the jealous bitches that liked this i love my huge cock:wave:
  18. If I managed to get both my entire dick and nuts inside of a chicks vag, I might consider her too loose for my tastes.

    Even if I had to shove them in.

  19. Have fun with your STDs when your fucking a slut with your huge CAWK.

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