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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Arick, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. I was just mounthing my 150watt and 250watt HPS ballists into a metal electronics project box when i was thinking... will two balists this close get too hot? and can a ballist be touching the metal case with out risk of electricution or worse yet hurting the lights! lol anyways also can i glue to the large heavy metal part? dose it have current in it or is it just a heat sink for the other part of the ballist. ohh well help with this is very apriciated thanks.
  2. well abit to on general electronics, on extention cord plugs if its not color coded how do you find the positive and negitive, on one side the prong is larger than the other is the large side poditive? or negitive? i dont want to burn the bulbs im paying so much for, peace
  3. mmm eletrical questions XD alright to the questions

    since like 1905 its been illegal for people to manufacture products that kill people...unless you have a wire touching something it shouldnt be mine has postive going through the ballist and neg going through a transitor..just make sure you tap up bare wire(with electrical tape). yes those things get hot..i'm not sure how hot.. two in one metal thing shouldnt burn anything but dont take my word on that one..also using flamable glue on a already realy hot metal box sounds like a bad idea..i think they make some for high temp areas so you might look into that. once again dont go on my word alone i'm just learning about all this(dont try it untill someone else adds some friendly advice).. as for the cords i always tie the light in ..if its backwards it just sits there if i'm right it turns on =) not sure about your lights though i've never be able to afford them... hope that helped a little bit ..please get a 2nd look at all this before you try it =) i have confidance when i'm building things but i dont know enough about these lights to trust someone elses house/life with hehe
  4. lol yeah well ill put something together i just dont know how to secoure the balist in the box hmm how?
  5. is your ballist a black box with screw holes?
  6. the balist is a bow oh like pure metal with some screw holes and like this wire stuff on the inside thats been taped up, im mounting it the silver fuse boxes, ill get pics tommarow

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