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    I'm looking to buying my first HID light and am looking for a good 400 watt digital ballast. Is Lumatek a good brand
  2. Do not get an Electronic Ballast. Spend the money and get a decent Ballast from HTG or something.
  3. I totaly disagree with the guy above me.
    Lumatek makes a good ballast with a good warrantee. They use less electricity, make less heat, burn the bulbs brighter, totaly silent, and will work with both MH and HPS bulbs.

    Maryland Hyroponics

    • Wattage : 400/120 (+133)
    • Cord Set : Hydrofarm cord/socket (+25)
    • Warranty : 5 YEAR
    • PCO Fogger : NO(+0)
    • Rush Item : NO
    • BOX OPTIONS : Recycled Hydro Box
    Total: $160.01
  4. Agree with you 100% Rumple.

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