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  1. I recently purchased a 400 watt ballast can this fire up Hps & Mh bulbs?
  2. is it a switchable ballast??? meaning does it have a lil switch or button or anything to switch between mh and hps??? if not then no, it only will run one...probly whichever it says it will on it...
  3. Mine does both and doesn't have a switch. Some of them work automatically. And no, I don't use an mh conversion bulb.

    OP, you wanna read every little sticker on there. There are a couple of kinds you might have.

    If it's MH only, then you're fucked.

    If it's HPS only, then you're ok, because you can get a MH conversion bulb that will run in that ballast.

    If it runs both, then you're gold, you just gotta find out if it has a switch or if it detects automatically.

    Best of luck.
  4. If it's "digital" then it will run both, if it's "magnetic" then it will run only one or the other as specified.
  5. yes,it is right.
    1)If it is the magnetic ballast,it just can be used for one kind of bulb.
    2)If it is the digital ballast,you shoud read the sticker on the ballast,if it is said hps/mh ballast,then it is ok.Our ballast can be used for both.
    So good luck.

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