Ballast reactivation when loose electricity

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  1. hi everybody, just a simple question here if anybody can help. im tryng to find the modul that reactivate your ballast when you loose electricity for a like 1 min, and you want them to only re-open in like 30 min for security...
    any one know the name i can put on that please ?
    its when you loose electricity, then your ballast shut down of course, but if electricity come back right after like a 20 second short period, your ballast magnetic cant take that on 120 so... what the name of the like timer * that can do that
    thanks in advance
  2. Any digital timer (or manual) that has batteries, generally has the feature your looking for.
  3. It's not the ballast that has trouble firing up after a short, it's the bulb. Warm starts will always take a long time.
  4. thank im looking for them, got one digital already but dont seem to have this function....
    do you have a particular kind in mind that you can tell me that is not too much expansive please? im looking at them right now but im not sure , i dont see that in the description.

  5. its the bulb yeah ? caus it make a noise like it want a make the inition long long long yeah.
    ive seen some poeple on internet that they sold a timer board on the 240 and they can plug, ulplug the bulb as they want to, no reaction time, its lightning right when they plug and when they unplug, they can re-plug it right a second later and no fail sound of inition ? its because its on the 220 that can do this ???
    thank in advance
  6. When your power goes out shut off ballast for 2 minutes then turn on.

    Thats how it's made to work.

  7. It depends on the heat of the bulb. If you cold start your bulb, unplug it after a few seconds, and plug it back in, it'll fire right off the bat, since the bulb is still cold. I wouldn't recommend doing this, though.

    But yah, the ballast runs fine right after a short. It's the bulb that needs time to cool off before being started again.
  8. i found some but they are like 80 $ each lol, if you know where i can afford some for cheap let me know lol. thanks
  9. thanks a lot for those informations. i still need to learn a lot..

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