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  1. Hey everyone,

    Made a mistake of not looking into timer options with my new 600w adjusta watt digital ballasts, so i ended up just plugging them in through a cheap timer (one with a dial where you click up which hours you want on) anyways it seems to have broken the ballasts. It tripped all my electricity, and now can't make it work at all not when plugged straight into mains etc.

    Any help would be appreciated on why the timer would break them or options to fix them, since i don't have a receipt.

    Cheers =)
  2. I use those timers no problem sounds like you're overloading the circuit..find a different outlet on a different circuit to plug it into
  3. Cheers for the advice,will try it on a different circuit when i get a chance. I read somewhere that you shouldn't use those timers for lights w/o contactor. (I haven't used a contactor) then it wouldn't be an issue.
  4. Not sure we dont have contactors in the states i guess we use relays which i never timers are rated 15 amps and i use one for each light..maybe someone else knows about contactors
  5. Each of your 600w ballasts will be drawing somewhere around 6 amps. It may show you on the ballast. The bulb itself will only draw 5 amps but the ballast adds a little.

    Your timer is rated and 15 amps, you might be able to run two lights on this one timer but not three.

    If you need to switch more that 15 amps then you need to purchase a peice of equipment made to do this and supply it with 240v or you can make one using relays, or contactor, to do the switching. There are plans on this site to do so.
  6. So i've tried my ballast on a different circuit, and it's still tripping the fuse box, and my other ballast is just not powering the light but not tripping the fuse box, can't understand why they would both break after going through a timer, they were both pretty much new and both worked originally when plugged straight into a plug socket. The timers were rated high enough etc =S

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