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  1. Anyone else here a sucker for a ballad? I feel I can express myself musically alot better on ballads sometimes. They're just so fun to play over. Not just in Jazz, but in all genre's. A Slow 6/8 Funk or Blues can be the most expressive and powerful to thing to play on. Or even a Rock ballad with interesting changes or a unique vibe. Any style, really.

    I woke up this morning to my itunes on shuffle and this old Sonny Rollins version of "You Don't Know What Love Is" came on and it make me think about how awesome Ballads are. Alot of people can play a bunch of notes, but when you slow down the tempo it exposes a lot of people can't really play because all they know are licks or they don't have the passion to carry a slower tempo! It takes real maturity to play a ballad, you really have to have something to "say" and your own "voice" musically (on any instrument). And when you do have someting to "say" on a Ballad, watch the fuck out because it's gonna be mighty powerful.

    Don't forget to slow it down sometimes blades! :wave:
  2. ....D'Angelo. That's all I'm saying.

    Also, Sonny Rollins on God Bless the Child is some amazing shit.
  3. bump.

    No one else feels me on this? (besides the usual suspect...)

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