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Discussion in 'General' started by zachy, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. i was reading on about pot (i was bored ok) and it says it lowers testosterone level and lowers sperm count in men and raises it in women.. true or not?
  2. nope never had that problem if anything I could probably bat 90% on average for producing tough lil swimmers

  3. HAHAHA laughed so hard at that.....

    .....mine are still good :D
  4. whatever as long as they still work im happy
  5. it can only be a good thing for men, the last thing i want are kids
  6. i have recently determined i do not want kids.....not something i want to deal with at all

    for one, what the fuck is Randall Flag......two, how does this post warrant negative rep??, and as far as the rep went down it was someone with some influence, try to be a little more mature around here whoever you were, fucking pussy
  7. i know i had chicken pox like this year (im 18) and everybodys like your never gonna have kids i keep sayin thats a good thing

  8. I see that has possibly being true. That is if you have a chick to do that with.
  9. hahah oh took me a good 5 minutes to realize what you were saying....

    .....fucking tru bro

  10. I was hoping you would get what I was saying. I kinda was lazy how I did that and didnt quote the actual saying.:smoking:
  11. I sincerely doubt it raises the sperm count in women unless it's my sperm going into my woman.
  12. lol meatwad said that about an hour ago :D
  13. i'm not too sure as to whether it lowers sperm count or just reduces the sperm's mobility (to a point short of fertile ground)
  14. That article is right! Pot causes men to lose their sperm inside women, thereby lowering the male's count and increasing the female's.

  15. meh...... whatever..... i think of pot as male birth control... and so far only 1 scare... but that was probaly bogus, cuz i had just dumped this girl and she was fucking nuts....
  16. The article was very well written but it is so hard to know what the motives behind the study really are? That is where all the skepticism comes in. Is this just another group trying to downplay marijuana? Or are they simply just trying to share information with us? Who the fuck knows.

    I do not want children either and I take precaution to keep it from happening. So for me the article is moot, but interesting.
  17. hmmmm idk about this article, IF it does lower my sperm count, well that sucks because i get 2x as horny when im high so i have twice as much sex haha so it would have to lower it pretty much for me not to knock up my girl haha, knock on wood though. i wouldnt mind a little me haha, im sure the rest of the world would though haha
  18. I dont beleive in this, but even if its true, our planet is wayyyyy overpopulated anyway, im even considering never having children (maybe ill adopt a kid)...
  19. i forget who posted this but i agree with them.. a few monthsago they said they would like the sperm count to die on account of if the weaker ones die and the strong ones live your making it a greater chance to have a better baby.

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