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Ball Masons ok to store? (pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Brumac, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Points to the title of the thread? I've heard other jars with air tight lids are better but the ball masons have a seal in the lid...

  2. ball or kerr mason jars work exceptionally well. i use them.
  3. Definitely use a either brand of Mason jar. I recently started using them for storage and it is fantastic. I like opening it up just to smell my nugs.
  4. I heard Ball (or another brand) mason jars were the best thing to use.

    Just keep them out of the light so they can cure a little as well. :)

  5. HAHAHA I do this all the time!
  6. If you look around you can find some GonG jars, might not the best for mass storage, but it does make for an extra snazzy jar.
  7. Ya know, I've always loved the smell of marijuana. When I hear people say it smells like shit or stinks or smells like a skunk just sprayed somewhere I roll my eyes. I've smelled a skunks spray (NOTHING LIKE WEED), it is truly a nasty smell. But weed, man I love the smell of it.
  8. any brand of mason. i got an ounce, a four piece grinder and a mason jar for 250 today haha

  9. it is one of the best smells to ever get a whiff of :D
  10. actually, when i smell a skunk now, i usually think its dank weed. it takes me a long time to filter out that this is indeed a skunk and not weed.
  11. those are nice nugs, what strain?
  12. I've actually been looking for a jar myself, I really want just a plain straight walled jar. Seems all mason jars have the brand name in the glass :confused:
  13. Same here. I've been doing it all day with my trainwreck.
  14. pretty much any airtight jar works
  15. Wish I knew what strain...but here is a closeup of my GF holding a bud.


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