Ball Bustin Wife Let me live Woman, Im a smoker and thats the end of the discussion.

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  1. Anyone have this? Always on your case for smoking? I've been with my Wife for 15 years. Since we were 17. She hasn't so much as smoked a bowl in her whole life, knows nothing about it and has no interest in it, yet she has NEVER given me even the slightest amount of grief about me being a chronic.

    I know so many guys in my age range (mid 30s) who have their balls busted by their old ladies on a regular basis even if the chick use to blaze. What's with that? Why don't people just let other people do their thing if it doesn't hurt anyone?

    Just wondering. I see it so frequently but I'm lucky to have a good Woman so I don't get it and I don't wanna put my buddies on the spot and ask them. 'Hey bro, why you such a bitch? What's up with that?'

    So I ask you stoner community: Do you get your balls or vag busted by your significant other?

  2. nope. i'm single so that i can do whatever the fuck i want with no recourse.
  3. My wife of 24+ years doesn't burn either.

    But she helps me trim. :)

  4. The wife helps me with everything, growing/trimming/smoking haha.
  5. the very next time you and her are doing good together

    entice her to make some weed brownies, ..but

    these are strictly for you not her, ensure you have an

    ABNORMAL amount of butter and chocolate added

    set the scene, a glass of wine or two,

    then make out after a serious piss scene that you have lost them cookies

    after 10 minutes you have found them

    offer her one, reminding her how they can assist her with a mired of medical conditions

    good luck
  6. No, because my fiance is mature & not retarded.
  7. Unlike your comment lol
  8. "ninjad"

    @ NOMidZone...WTF???
  9. I think that if any substance changes who they fell in love with, then it's a problem, if you're just an enhanced version of yourself they will overlook it, if you become a dick it'll be an issue.
  10. Take it how you want it lol. Assumptions are a dangerous thing to make.
  11. did you perhaps mean myriad?
  12. Well, when I get pissed that my man is doing something "too much" that's really code for I'm unhappy with you or something else in my life. Since you guys have known each other since high school, maybe you've changed now you're both in your thirties. Here's a lot of divorce studies that show that people who marry young are more likely to get divorced quicker than someone who was 30. You're not the same person you were at 17. Find out what's really bothering her.
  13. Yes I'm foreign often stoned it can be confusing ...but thanks

  14. This is valid from a guys point of view, a relationship is a partnership, often over time partners drift to other interests,
    to stay with someone male or female just because you have invested considerable time with her, is very shallow thinking indeed, if so what are you waiting on a dividend..?
    Only you can make that choice, but here you are discussing something vitally important in you life with complete strangers, all entitled to their point of views, some will be hard to swallow indeed
    My post above is a comic idea of seducing you long terrm partner to the 'weed side' and in jest
    I agree with lady bean^^^, and look at the bottom line as you do the bank statement

    good luck

  15. I think that they should try to figure out the root cause of why she's pissed suddenly about the pot. Maybe there's a counselor who smokes pot? Total long shot depending on location. I'm in a legal state and can find smokers with all sorts of professions. But I wasn't advocating divorce. Just saying maybe theres a way to work it out before there's more stuff. The longer it goes on, the longer the laundry list of complaints gets. Then you see guys saying she is busting balls. Lol it goes both ways.

    Sometimes I didn't even realize that I was really just mad about something else and just saying that life is gonna end because you can't pick up your socks, spend all your money on beer and just wanna hang out with your friends instead of spending every waking minute with me?! I can smell my own. Lol she's upset about something else. Good luck finding out.
  16. My man has smoked with me a few times, he doesn't really like it or so he says. He doesn't love the fact that I smoke and grow, but he doesn't bitch about it hardly at all and he even helped me drill a hole in my grow room ceiling to exhaust my portable AC. If he were a smoker I would be so freaking happy though. He drinks and it just makes him duller.
  17. I guess I'm lucky, my home girl loves to smoke ^_^

    She hates if I drink whiskey tho. I guess I don't blame her lol.
  18. My wife has 2 complaints (and 1 complaint that I consider BS so I disregard it):

    1) (Main)--the smell. She hates it. A lot. (She hates almost all smells though--soaps, aftershaves, perfume, cologne, flowers, etc.)
    So I have a room I can seal off and have a nice carbon-based smoke filtration system (made for cigar room type deals). (By "seal off" I mean 'put a towel under the door'.)

    2) Health concerns--she is worried about my lungs if I smoke a lot. She has no issues with edibles/tincture/etc, and is just mildly naggy about the smoking part if I do it heavily every day for a while and start getting a chronic cough.
    (She also thinks vaping is much better than smoking, but still not as healthy as the others, and doesn't understand why i don't just stick to edibles... but I like variety :) )

    3) (The BS complaint) She doesn't want weed particles touching anything. E.g., the idea of cooking with her pots & pans (even if she is gone for a while so the smell won't bug her) makes her neurotic. She worries they will permanently taste like weed, for instance.
    And smoking even in my sealed off room she gets upset that when I open the door later little bits of marijuana particles may be touching things around the house.
    I can't get a reasonable explanation from her about why this is a concern.
    (She smoked a few times in college, before I met her. She didn't like it, she says she hates feeling like she can't remember what she was just thinking about.)
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    Probably. English is a second language for most people, didn't you know? The crazy part is the people who it really is a second language are better at it than the people who have only learned English their whole lives....

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