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Bald vs. The Hair Endowed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. i was watching Survivor one night stoned up watching Big Tom. He said if there was one thing to do over in life it would be to grow my bald head full of hair down to my toes....

    So I said Hell Yeah. i'm going to grow this shit out!!!

    I've always been clean-cut, yuppie cut since school so I'm not going to cut it for at least three months. Its already grown out more than it ever has and it feels GREAT!!!!!!

    I mean how do you bald guys take it not having hair??????

    I think i would go crazy not having hair. Its feels so good running your fingers through it when washing it . And And it feels even better when your wife rune her fingers through it when your in the middle of sex!!!!! OOOhHHH weeeee!!!

    I'm going to love reporting to you on my hair growth experiment!!!


    (ok, flame on now)
  2. I just have this to have obviously never had a breast hat on your bald head.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my husband is bald. :)
  4. Good Luck, Let's all join BPP new quest :)

  5. I am 24 years of age and already have some grey hairs showing!! Could this be a sign of stress? maybe I've had a bad shock? (the amount of weed I smoked over xmas?) The truth is I dont really care! I have actually shaved my haed clean off before and thought being a slap-head was cool but I have to say I like to keep my hair short!

    To quote my uncle....

    Lift up a ponytail on a man or a pony and you'll always find an ass underneath!"

    Not sure if thats good advice but thought it was funny when I heard it!!
  6. Us bald guys like not having to comb all that hair. I guess i should refraise that. No hair on top but down to the shoulder on the back and sides. The wife loves running her hands over my slick head.hahaha

    6RXRNR, you are absolutely right. Nothing like having breast on the bald head.
  7. Male = Female

    Necktie = Pantyhose

    Lawn Mower = Vaccum Cleaner

    Bald Head = Flat Chested


  8. LOL what are you trying to say??

    It sounds like you are making up for something by growing your hair!!!
  9. Because it goes beyond a forehead.

    So you gonna let the hair on your ears grow too?

    How about nose hair? Maybe you can grow a moustache that you can see before you drink that glass of milk.

    Stand back everyone! These mid-life crisis things can turn ugly in a hurry!

    Are'nt you a little old to be trying stuff just because you see it on TV? Good thing you were'nt watching a Rob Zombie video.

    I'm a little low on hair jokes, I'll come back when I think of some more.
  10. All the baldies could just get a tattoo of a rabbit on their head! (from a distance it might look like a hare!)

    I know groans are expected!
  11. .... by a mid-life crisis?

    Do you mean that now that I'm seeing 40 coming up on the horizon and I just don't give a shit anymore about conventional thinking.... then Hell yeah I'm having a mid-life crisis.

    Or if you mean that I'm getting old and all my childhood ambitions are never coming true so I need to rush around trying to accomplish them, then hell No I'm not having one.

    Or maybe I just got stoned early one saturday morning and realized that I haven't had a haircut in over thirty days and my wife enjoyed running her fingers through in front of the fireplace one night AND I just wanted to tease you guys whose hairs aint where they used to be.

    The ear and nose hairs get trimmed but maybe next year we grow us a beard....hmmmm...........
  12. I've had hair in all states, long, short, blue, dreaded and so on... I have to say that long hair is better when dealing with the females. If you'll let them braid it, they're your captives.

    On the other hand, if you've just shaved your head... they'll want to rub your head. Currently I'm trying to grow my hair out, I haven't had long hair since high school... nostalgia time. I've dyed my hair so many times that it's thinning in the front... either that or it's male-pattern. I was adopted so I don't know enough about my genetics to know if male-pattern would strike at 22. Oh well.

    Now as far as beards go... I've tried and tried but I must have too much Native American blood in me. I can grow a semi-decent goatee and semi-decent burns... but the rest of the territory just won't grow.

    I'd like a beard... it's just not possible at this point.
  13. We girlies do love to run our fingers through your hair, but it doesn't have to be too long. I like my men folk with just an inch or two.

    Now as for the beard thing, I'm down with sideburns and a goat, but a full fledged beard gets in the way.
  14. The hair is going to grow until my birthday. that'll give it a good 60 days to grow out an inch or two.

    No beard or goatees this year. I'll think I'll save that till I get picked for the Survivor show or my next mid-life crisis next year. I'm thinking mutton chops and handlebars.........

  15. I told you so,bald headed guys!!!!!!!

  16. Good choice, nothing more sexy than some big fat chops!
  17. long hair sux

  18. I'm curios to know what these pictures are of.

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