Balcony grow. Smoking tobacco near plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AndrewBud, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. I have one flowering plant on my balcony and we smoke outside near the plant. Do you think this can harm the plant at all ?

  2. i heard smoking near the plant is actually recomended (buds that is)
    i dunno know about cigs but i would guess they would hurt you alot more than ur plant =]
  3. I hear that tabacoo is Terrible to smoke around a plant. The monoxide and other fumes produced from smoking are killer to a plant. Well thats what i hear
  4. i doubt it would harm them. have been smoking around mine for ever.
    and plus, smoke's full of CO2, which is good for plants. but than again there's other stuff in there that might not be good...
  5. zogzog: Smoking around your outdoor plants ?

    What does it mean if a leaf twists ?


  6. are you not growing your first balcony grow aswell????

  7. Ya I've been wondering the same thing. Plants are near my computer and I smoke at it a lot, hope its not hurting my babies =/
  8. If they are indoor its probly not good for it.

    outdoor there is tons of ventilation and what not.

    doesnt seem to be hurting it any, she looks super healthy.

    I think i over fertilized it tho. one or two of the small leafs are curling a bit.

    I just upped the amount of fertz a bit.

    I started at about 1/4 strenght now im at just about full strength.

    Has anyone ever went over the recommended amount of fertz on the container?

    If yes by how much ?
  9. i killed a few of my indoor plants with cigs.. i wouldnt risk it, outside its probly a hell of alot safer tho with the wind and whatnot.

    smoking weed around it isnt to bad, extra co2
  10. The leaves are just a bit sticky. Fine particles, such as is created by smoking, will stick to the leaves. This is a huge problem for an indoor grow, but not so much for outdoor, which is obviously much better ventilated.

    If it were me, I'd just make an effort to smoke upwind.
  11. :wave:
    yes i am :D
    and everymorning i go sit with her and light up a fatass blunt:smoking:
    she seems o be doing great :devious:
    i dont smoke cigs tho(i used to but i quit) :cool:
    so i would say you should just quit man...especially if their jepordizing ur plant...their just fukin awfull anyway, and once you start having excessive buds to blaze:smoking: combined with the cigs:eek: man ur lungs are guna be pretty fuked up:(......their jus not worth it in my opinion :rolleyes:
    HaPpY GrOwInG:smoking:
  12. Yeah I dont smoke weed all day. One hoolie in the morning and a few after work.

    I need to smoke something during the day.

    I just got Fish Bone Meal 6-12-0 and I think i made a mistake.

    How do i add the fish bone meal.

    its not water soluble

    Thanks for any comments

  13. Jesus wept!!!! No, you newbies, do NOT ever smoke tobacco around your ladies. Tobacco smoke in any form can transmit tobacco mosaic virus, to which MJ is susceptible, that can quickly KILL your girls. SO BE WARNED!!!!
  14. Since its outside as long as your not blow cig smoke at it I think it will be alright. Tobacco and MJ smoke arn't great for your plants and you should avoid it. I doubt you would get mosiac virus but you dont want nasty resin and old smoke vapors covering your shit.

    I've seen many plants grow fine in houses by people who i've never seen without a cig in their mouth. I've never heard of the "tobacco mosaic virus" until coming to this website. Not saying that it doesn't exsist, but I wouldn't put that much thought into it since its outside.

  15. Just don´t take the chance - it can happen!!
  16. Theres always a good wind on my balcony! We definetly dont blow our smoke at her tobacco or joints.

    I took this picture of her today:


    Thanks for the reply's


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