Balcony grow only 6 hrs direct sunlight

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Canadian kush smoker, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Hi g.c. heres my balcony grow for 2019 2 plants unknown strain well it's either hashplant chocolope or black rhino. 1st time trying the lst thing. It's legal to grow 4 plants per household in Ontario but I dont know about apartment growing guess I'll be testing the law. 20190718_124245.jpg 20190718_124201.jpg
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  2. Oh shit my roommate and I did this in college.
    I came home one day to cops swarming the apartment complex. I about died.
    They talked to my roommate and they were looking for a missing kid.
    Chest pains ain’t worth it imho
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  3. Wow bet you were a little paranoid lol . I hope the kid was found safe. But ya I'm in Canada and it's legal here for recreational use can grow 4 plants per house hold. Is an apartment considered a household I dunno but I do know some stuff I've been reading online some lawyers r saying landlords would have to make a class sui
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