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Balancing Smoking and Other Aspects of Life

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GeneralMiles, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I'm new to GC, but I've been smoking regularly (a few times a week) for a year and a half now. Just like you all, I do more than just smoke. I'm a fairly high-achieving college student (read: nerd) hoping to become a surgeon. The pre-med life keeps me busy, but I also enjoy weight lifting, playing basketball, reading, and partying. I just wanted to know how you all maintain a healthy balance between smoking and your other interests.
    Thanks. Stay blazin'.

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    good man

    shame they dont make documentaries about you or have you on the news for weed related topics do they
  3. @blazer12345 
    I honestly can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not...
  4. Curious as we'll
    Stay educated && Hi

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  5. sorry no didnt mean it sarcastically.

    mean ive been watching a few weed documentaries recently and they only ever show people with problems who smoke weed not people who do well and live happily. The association is sometimes mad such as on one a lad had schizophrenia. Him and the show blamed his weed smoking. Yet his dad had severe mental problems and killed himself while this lad (at the time 12 years old) was in the house. It pisses me off. Sorry if I came across wrong haha
  6. @[member="blazer12345"]
    It's cool man. Mental health is a serious issue, but I don't like it when people blame everything on weed either. I completely believe that you can enjoy marijuana and still lead a healthy, productive life.
  7. Well, what im trying to lately. A thing kinda works for me is buying an ounce, for example, and then take just a pinch for the week. If I do all my stuff through the day, I reward myself with some smoke.
  8. We need more people like you to represent weed smokers :)
  9. @[member="John Lennon"]
    That's a good idea. Kind of what I've been doing. Except I have early morning classes every day (8 am), and sometimes I don't get done with class until 10 pm.
  10. @[member="BrendanTen"]
    Thanks!  :smoke:
  11. I think it all just depends on the kind of personality you have. From what you've posted it sounds like you're at least conscientious of the fact that it can cause problems which is definitely good. As long as you maintain a healthy social and physical life you will be fine. Everything in moderation. 
  12. its annoying, i don't do too much good for the stoner stereotype, i dropped out of college (equivalent to hs in the uk) and am in a pretty shitty job and people blame it on weed. but i was just as bad before i ever started smoking (not motivated, my mind wonders into abstract thought a lot). its hard to study when you see the world outside as a massive playground
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    Personally, I smoke everyday, but only at times that aren't sober-necessary. Like if I'm going to be watching a kid, I'm going to be sober. If I'm going to be sitting on my ass playing Xbox and inhaling Doritos and Dr. Pepper, then I might as well be high while doing it. That's how I balance the two. Would like to hear how others balance it, too.
    I know some people that just sit around and smoke all day regardless of what they have to do  -_- That's the type of smoker that is being shown publicly as a stereotypical "pothead" and I don't like it.
  14. I'm like you man. Keep it that way :)
  15. I've asked myself the same question, I smoke in the evenings, I have a rule that at lest twice a week I go out.

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