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  1. Balance is one of the keys to the Universe. Think about it...

    No, I didn't come up with this idea, but I think that very few people realize it.
  2. I try to be a very balanced individual. It keeps me grounded +/-

  3. It's funny I was just thinking about balance last night, well anyways. Everyone has a balance, and some people lean more toward one direction while other people lean toward the other. It's rare to find people who have a balance between both, leaning neither way. I feel that I myself don't lean either way. I got too much confusion built from the lack of love, because I'm adopted, but at the same time, the fallen angel who tried to be born through me, gave me a piece of his energy, which then balances out. And then accounting for my plausible, yet deniable theory of me being in a hidden camera reality truman show, which would continue on the lies that my adopted mother always tells me.

    But anyways. I guess you would have to know what you were balancing before you find balance. What I came up with before, was that, you need to have good fitness, and that you would have to learn the things you need to know for survival. The fitness is for the body, the knowledge is for your mind, or spirit. And that when you're living naturally, you'll be happier. I remember hearing somewhere, that if they didn't plant trees or plants in urban areas, people would go insane for not seeing enough natural life. So I think nature might be a natural cure to imbalance.

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