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Baking with small amounts

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by pinkloebsta, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys I am leaving for camp tomorrow and want to bring some weed with me. I wont have a safe place to smoke there so I want to bake some food. How can I bake the weed so it can last me up to 10 days (That's how long I will be at camp)

    Also I only have about 3 grams of mary jane, what is the best way to cook it so that will be enought to get me high. I heard most people bake with like a half Oz I only have 3 grams and might be sharing with friends. So yea thanks so much again my 2 questions are.

    1. How can I bake weed so it lasts?
    2. How can I bake with a small amount?

    If you could have a link to an exact receipt to follow that would be very much appreciated.
  2. I heard that fire crackers don't need much, but do you know if they will last me 10 days?
  3. Well I don't think that would be enough to get you high every day for ten days, but you could prolly make 2 or 3 firecrackers. They will last ten days, in fact, they should become more potent over time. Bake them first and then wrap them in tin foil.
  4. depending on if you have dank or not.

    Either way, a firecracker is useful for one day. They can be cooked and last months, but once you eat it, your high for that day only.

    If its dank we're talking here, you can probably make about 5-6 firecrackers.

    If its mids, probably 3 maybe 4

    If its schwag, probably 2 max.
  5. tincture/green dragon
  6. Bring a light bulb vaporizer, they release very little smell and use very little bud. :)

  7. No way. not if youre baking it. You could always use .5g in 6 single serving oil recipes and that could last you six days maybe. depending on the quality of bud you're using.

    OR you could lay off for 10 days and get stooonneedd when you get back from camp.

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