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Baking with kief?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by bowserx1, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hi IEH section,
    First post:
    I am making like 9 firecrackers for 3 people with nutella and gram crackers, what would happen if instead of bud (or on top of bud), I sprinkled some kief? I wouldnt want to just try it, because if it fails, its a huge waste of beautiful kief. would it get you even more wrecked?

    Also, on a scale of sober<------->greened out, how high would 3 fire crackers a person get you?
  2. 3 firecrackers if prepared well would get you fucked out of your mind. I would eat just 1.
  3. I agree with UNC. 3 crackers, if done correctly, will have you fucking more baked then anything you've ever experienced. Keif is a little tricky, I'm not really well-enough experienced to tell you, but I feel like there is a fine line if you're cooking with keif, being that keif is pure THC. Be very cautious. I would bake at 350 for 20 min.

  4. Its also my first time trying firecrackers.. so I think I am just gonna pack it in the bong instead.. and just to be safe.. ill keep it at 2 each.. should get us sufficiently fucked up for the night.. that and ripping the bong packed with kief.. gonna be a fun night... (the goal was to be out of commission for 6 full hours.. we have plenty of pizza and drinks and movies.. cause we are gonna be couchlocked as fuck.)
  5. No kief. I wouldn't recommend it anyway. Kief = pure trichomes and they are extremely delicate and sensitive to heat....popping them in the oven just might be THC murder
  6. I beg to differ.... baking with kief is awesome. A lot of people say edibles don't do anything. For a 15 year smoker I had tried every kind of baked edibles and in all different strengths to never feel a thing. That is until I mixed 5-6g of kief into a batch of Turtle Caramel Brownies.
    I ate an average size brownie before I started my day. And to give it a real chance I didn't smoke at all that day. It took about an hour to kick in but I was stupid high!!! I felt like I might've overdone it about 8hours later when my ears were still ringing just like a huge bong rip. The whole ride lasted about 10 hours with a nice long sleep at the end.

    But the last guy is right about the temp. Never cook THC over 325 because it begins to desinigrate at 350. So just let your food cook a little longer at the lower temp and you will be rewarded for your patience.

    Mmmmmmm! BROWNIES!!!!!!!



  7. I did the same thing except with peanut butter and I baked for 20 min at 325 and I was baked of it in 5 min and greened out in 30

  8. do you really just mix your kief with your brownie mix? If so i suggest you look into making cannabutter/oil and use that in your brownies. If not, i have no idea what i'm looking at ;)
  9. Cannabutter doesn't work on everyone. Not everyone can absorb THC through animal fats. Like me! So I mixed my keif in with the caramel in my Brownies. Say what you want but this way kicked my ass. Versus all the other edibles I have ever tried, which is a lot....

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