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Baking with coconut oil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Dj.sammyoaks, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post here so be easy lol. I made my first batch of edibles the other day and they turned out alright, i did 10g (all i had on hand) of some quality bud for 1 cup (2sticks) of butter and they turned out alright (about 34 cookies). i did it stove top with simmering water and using the mason jar technique for about 2 hours. they get me kinda high but im a heavier user but the people i gave em to were on their ass but then i was wondering if there was a better way and i came upon coconut oil. So my questions are i guess:

    1. Do i need to decarb my bud (I use flowers ground up) in the oven first? and if so how long and what temp
    2. How much bud should i use for the coconut oil (1/2 cup), will it be more potent with same amount of bud?
    3. How long and at what temp should i simmer the bud in the oil?
  2. I do prefer coconut oil over butter, minus the taste.

    1. Definitely decarb, not only will it ensure your marijuana is ready for extraction it will also speed up your process. Grind, spread evenly in tinfoil and wrap generously. As for time and temp, I usually go 250 for 20-30 minutes, but likely will be experimenting in the future due to different temps activating different properties.

    2. How much is completely up to you. How many/what kind of edibles are you making? Portions?

    3. Temperature I am unsure as I use a slow cooker with a low-high setting. I usually cook for 4 hours then let it set in the fridge, then remelt and strain the following day.

    Not sure how accurate this is but basically temps over these points will essentially lose that compound.
    Vaporizer Temperatures for Cannabis
  3. I will probably be doing a half batch this time and it would be in cookies so about 18 or so. I'm thinking of doing 10g again but for just a 1/2cup of oil. I got refined coconut oil so it should have no taste to it
  4. For me nothing beats cooking with keif. It gives just enough of the turpines for flavor, and a really good effective medicine.
    For me the best Keif is either dry sifted, tumbled in a pollen extractor, or my recent quick favorite dry ice and shake.

    I don't make bubble hash or press blocks or make concentrates other than sifted weed.
    1) gather your weed and get your keif.
    Decarbolize in a closed mason jar in a crock pot on high for 2hours or so. Let get to room temperature. Then open.
    Use this material for baking.
    Warm up 1tblspoon of unrefined coconut oil, warm to it becomes liquid, but do not boil it.
    I add 4 grams of Keif to to the coconut oil, stir it in, mix well, let it sit.
    Mix this up with two pounds of cookie dough
    or one Boxed Brownie or fudge mix.
    Cook at no higher than 300 degrees until your goods are done.
    This method is pretty amazing and everyone raves about my baked goods.
  5. While that sounds amazing, I'm not exactly able to have access to that or other things in the legal States, all I got is bud to work with

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