Baking for your pets....

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Do you cook for your pet?

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  1. Of course!

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  2. Never thought about it...

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  3. No? They aren't people.

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  1. If you have ever made a sweet snack for yourself and felt bad that your pup couldn't enjoy the munchies too, this will make your life that much better. Organic, Vegan, Dog cupcakes that are super cheap and easy to make.

  2. Is there such thing as animal edibles guys i wanna know

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  3. This makes no sense.

    Dogs are carnivores. Give the poor thing some meat if you wanna give it a treat.

    Vegans I swear
  4. Probably not the best idea.
  5. I'm willing to bet that this is a plug, too - it's op's only post.
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  6. Dogs can't give consent. You don't know what type of affect weed might have on ur dog. I would strongly suggest against feeding ur dog some weed.
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  7. Eggs for breakfast on Sunday. She has allergies so when she was young I use to make meatballs for her and frozen treats with yogurt and bananas she gets grain free dog food now.
  8. I used to make our dog baked liver treats.

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