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Baking Alone

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cones42000, May 26, 2013.

  1. Hey fellas, i smoke the herb regularly every night and doing the same stuff is getting very repetetive....... any new ideas for things to do when baked by yourself? Any good music suggestions, other than the classic pink floyd, jimmi hendrix, bob marley etc..?

  2. Bake and shoveyour finger in your anus then smell it

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  3. When that gets old use the thumb its a more exquisite experience.
  4. Get stoned and make yourself like a 7 course meal. 
  5. aftter 2 bowls of sour diesel, i can most appropriately say that grasscity is amazing
  6. Get naked and run around! I don't know, I wonder the same thing. I sit around listening to music blasting through my house, I clean, play Xbox or get busy with some school work. So I have no idea on what to do high either because I'm boring.
  7. Music: Mozart, Disturbed, Lana del Rey.
    Perfect mix.
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    In terms of music, Shpongle is always a trip.  I usually play video games or watch movies if I'm stoned alone.  Legend of Zelda ftw.
  9. Vape some strong sativa. Itll probably make you wanna do stuff! 
  10. What ever i want
  11. haha that game was awsome!
  12. I would highly suggest IOU do find something to stick in tour big stinky butt...I was doing that back in 1982 and never for caught for it joufh one time we did cone close :x. Happy smoking. Bahnastay
  13. Listen to "Slightly Stoopid" and chill wit yo dog..... and I mean that literally I like to smoke and play with my puppy everyone should try it. 
  14. Slightly stoopid!
  15. Tits  :bongin:
  16. Booooooooooobies!
    I like to draw, play music, or watch TV. Go on walks... stuff like that. 
  18. I usually watch things that I know will make me laugh hysterically.
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    Listen to The Dillinger Escape Plan. If you wanna know what there like check out the video below around 12:40 to the end of the video. Intrigued? Watch the first song played then go look up more songs
  20. I usually go for a walk, cook a small meal, then  listen to music or watch TV and fade into night. Perfect way to unwind

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