Baking all the Oxygen out of a car

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  1. Here is the story of my first time smoking weed (sorry about the length, I hope it isnt too boring :smoking:)

    I live close to nyc, but went to high school with a kid who lived about an hour north in farm country. The two of us and two other good friends (they had all already been smoking for months, this was my first time though) decided to bake out my friends car in the middle of a giant empty field on his neighbor's land. So around 11 pm, we drive in my friend's ford f150 out to the middle of this giant field.

    My friends had been smoking for months, but had still never baked out a car because their parents used their cars occasionally. So they were all really excited to bake out this car. They were incredibly vehement that no one open any windows or doors AT ALL. They said "Above all, DON'T open any windows or doors. No matter what is going on, do what you gotta do, but don't open the fucking windows or doors!"

    So then we started. We each had 2 poland spring bottles of half whiskey and half coke, and had 2 bowls being passed around. I was coughing my head off and gewtting higher off the smoke in the car than the smoke from the bowl. The two guys in the back were FACING the bowls, while my friend and I up front were taking our time with the smoking, and we were both drinking a lot more.

    Eventually, after about an hour and a half or 2 hours (I'm not really sure, my memory is quite hazy) the two in the back are passed out napping, and my friend and I have just finished our bottles and are still trying to smoke. But there's a problem---the lighters are malfunctioning! We had 2 lighters, and either they wouldnt light at all, or they would light for about 2 secs with a big 3-4 inch flame.

    So my friend and I lie back and close our eyes as well. We're on the edge of passing out, when I say fuck it, I'm hungry as hell, we can't smoke anymore, and we're out of alcohol. So I wake the other guys up and we decide to open the doors. I don't remember this, but my friends say I opened the door and fell flat on my face in the grass, exactly the same as the guy behind me.

    While I was still on the ground, I hear from the other side of the car, "What the fuck you guys, the lighters are working just fine. You guys are idiots"

    Which is when we realize that there was almost no oxygen left in the car, probably one of the reasons we were all so sleepy (in addition to the crazy amount of thc in our heads). It kind of scares me when I think how little oxygen a little lighter needs, compared to 4 17-18 year old guys, and I remember how close we were to all falling asleep. I still wonder if we all would have died if I had let myself fall asleep.

    After that we went to McDonalds, where the dialogue was as follows:
    "hi, how can I help you?"
    "hey, can we get 12 cheeseburgers, ummmmmmmm 5 mcchickens, uhhhhhh 3 5-pc mcnuggets, ummmmmm 6 large fries, and......2 large cokes and 2 large sprites?"
    "............are you serious?"
    "Do you take credit cards?"
    "Then I'm VERY serious" (hahaha this was the funniest part of the night, I've never heard such vehemence in a mcdonalds order)

    And that was my first experience smoking! Sorry it was so long, whoops
  2. damn dude your lucky
  3. Yeah, you actually may have died. I'm not sure though, but the higher power really does love you :)
  4. That would be the most epic way to die though
  5. so true

  6. Haha its so awesome it could be on that show on Spike, 1000 Ways to Die.

    Way to Die 420#: Baked Out:D

    But seriously you were really fucking lucky dude.
  7. hilarious mann i just pissed a little bit laughing so hard
  8. Haha yea I did think about that--the one upside if i HAD died is how epic of a story it would be for my parents/sisters to tell. I hope I'd get on television too...
  9. Thats awesome haha. Youre pretty lucky too!:D
  10. They wouldn't have are not airtight. Eventually after they passed out they air would have circulated...

    Does seem like a very stupid thing to do.
  11. Haha thats awesome, i did that once. We had 4 fat 2g blunts going around and a vaporizer just sitting on the center console vaping into the car... we knew we had to get out when my buddy's blunt went out and we tried to light it but the lighter wouldnt work cause there was no oxygen >.<
  12. Was trying to breathe in there headache inducing? Or were you guys all just way too blazed lol? Because I'm definately trying this some time, I just dont want to go overboard with the whole lack of oxygen scenario :p
  13. No, we werent able to tell at all that the oxygen was disappearing. The car was full of smoke for about an hour but by the time we opened the doors our lungs had made it all clear.

    I don't think a sitting car would have enough circulation to supply the oxygen needed for 4 guys to sleep a night, don't think I want to find out either though...I just wonder if once the oxygen got even lower one of us would have woken up gasping or something and realized, or if we would have just gone into deeper and deeper sleep until we couldn't wake up anymore.

  14. ahahahahah no joke... not that it'd be a good thing
  15. you guys probly killed half the braincells in your brains from that ordeal... after 4 minutes of little to no oxygen your brain cells start to die off.
  16. If I did, it hasn't showed. Two of them are getting >3 gpa's at cornell, one (the dumb one) is at UNC, and I am a computer engineer with a >3 gpa at one of the 'new ivies'

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it :)

  18. haha! sounds like it was a good day..this is for you..

    [ame=""]YouTube - Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day (Explicit)[/ame]
  19. Its because of all the smoke the lighters didint work..

    I tried to do it with a garbage bag over mah head once -_-
  20. It wasn't because of the smoke. By the time the lighters started malfunctioning, our lungs had cleared all the smoke from the car. The air was clear, it was just all CO2

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