Baking a car to point of no oxygen?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Walter Sobchak, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. It was so baked that a lighter wouldn't work basically.

    We almost made it again this evening. :smoking:
  2. Sure the lighter wasn't just out of fluid?
  3. yeah man that has happened to me several times. one time i had to go out of the car then i almost fainted. lol it fuckin sucks when the lighter wont work lol
  4. I don't know if the lighter would stop working but I have baked out a car so much that I blacked out once though. It could have just been the fact that it was only my third time smoking weed too.
  5. Dude thats straight dude i did pass out when i got out the car i was out for like2 min my friends said i was twitching like a bitch!!! ya i hate it when my lighter wont work cuase thers no oxygen!:smoke:
  6. 5 stoners in a little escort hatchback with 2 gram blunts each boxed it so hard i almost passed out when we all bailed out. it was funny seeing this big cloud drift across my neighbors yard as the car deboxed
  7. you guys are nuts =)
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  8. oh, and I ran straight into a tree once after a complete bake-out.. didn't even realize the tree was there until my man told me that I had been walking into for a few seconds. i was blazed.
  9. u guys were probably just too high to light the lighter, i wouldnt think there would be enuf oxy to live if the lighter couldnt even light
  10. You'd pass about before your lighter stopped working for That reason... it's usually that you're just too stoned to use a fucked up lighter... I've been there.
  11. Nah guys, the flame stays low for a bit, then it goes out. After a few more minutes it won't work at all.
  12. Could just be out of fluid. I've had that once. In the middle of lighting up then the lighter stops working. It sucks.
  13. no its seriously because there was no oxygen. we opened the door for like 10 seconds, and then it worked again.
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  14. I doubt it, must have been smomthing wrong with your lighter... but the last time we hot boxed we had 3 pipes and 2 joints going we started to feel extremely light headed to the point where I didnt feel like smoking anymore.

    Oh yea, it pisses the shit out of me when people open doors/windows after bowls have been going around
  15. Cant wait til my bro gets his license man, Im too lazy.
    This summer is gonna be a party at my parents cabin every single weekend.
    I plan on hotboxing every non fire alarm place there
  16. haha that's awesome man. that statement amused the hell outta me
  17. I blacked out and woke up in the north pole one time them baked up again and got back home somehow

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  18. Yeah, don't uh, try not to do that again.
  19. 14 year old thread

    quarantine be hittin people hard
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