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BAKED while driving..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shighc, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. We'll the other day was smoking with an old high school buddy from NY (I'm 22 now). I was driving and was SOOOOOO high it honestly felt like my face was splitting in two..

    I saw a cop.. i FREAKED out, not only did it feel like it took him 30 seconds to pass in front of me, he was staring RIGHT at us.

    Lucky for me he was on his phone, prbly late for something. Honestly though, i almost shat my pants!

    Anyone else have these paranoid stories about driving around hot boxed with cops all over?:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. hahahah i had the one time my sister was taking me home from my dealers place and i just picked up a FAT sack of stress,enough weed to get me in jail thats for sure.and my sister did a Crazy turn and burned out alitte and when she did that a cop drove pass us.then the cop turned around and was right behide us.i was trippin out,i was thinking of a place to put the weed,but i did want him to see that some1 was moving around in the car.i was sweating all over.then we got to a stop light and he drove in a different direction.
  3. I along with everyone else will probably say driving high is not a good idea. Avoid it at all costs even though you know its easier than drunk driving.
  4. hahaha maybe when your 5 seconds after smoking a blunt a cop pulls you over, you stash the weed under the cup holder, the cops pull you out of the car pat you down search the car for 30 minutes while they call in 5 other squad cars because they know your high and just cant prove it, but come up empty handed when there was 7 grams of weed right under there nose......that is shitting your pants
  5. SHIIIIIITTTTTT.... were you high? ida prbly freaked out and did some pineapple express gettaway moves if i was

  6. i have to take a shit just reading this

  7. 7 grams?? the weed i smoke, smells like woah. if i have an eight tucked way into my dash you can still smell it easily. maybe i should invest into a sealed glass jar.. lol
  8. lol im suprised they didnt smell it either
    you could litterally see the bag thru the cracks of the cup holder..
  9. your lucky they didn't get the dogs on you.
  10. I know....second time I wasn't so lucky
    Pulled into a parking lot start breaking bud up for a blunt and not even 10 seconds theres a flashlight in the window and I am in handcuffs.
  11. I honestly enjoy driving while high. Not baked, mind you, but that nice little high feels great when you drive your car. Just be responsible about it.
  12. it is never a good idea to smoke and drive!
  13. always a good idea.

    hahaha j/k
  14. Yeah just smoke and fly :hippie:
  15. I'm calling some bullshit dude.
    I highly doubt the cp wouldn't notice some of that shit
    let alone five of them
    Epecially when you're high
    and saying your car didn't smell while having seven grams?
    I don't believe it.

  16. I belive him, its not that far fetched
  17. I remember driving home after some party, and I was fucking high and maybe a little buzzed from a few beers. Anyways, I'm driving my pickup truck along and I look in my rearview mirror and see headlights, there hadn't been aanyone behind me perviously so this instantly put me on edge, plus the lights were the crown vick style. If you're into cars you know what im talking about, anyways. I'm already driving perfectly but I make sure to take my time, I turn off to my home and the cop keeps going straight. But the cop must have known I was high or whatever because he was following close and shit, plus it was like 3:00 Am lmao.

    Another time I was geting a ride back to the dorms after smoking a J or two with a friend, and as we drive across campus theres a fucking goat just standing along this pathway. He honked at it and it like ran into the road and then across and I was bursting into laughter at this point.:smoking:
  18. obviously the only reason he said he was 22 was because hes not lol. why would somebody just blurt out their age
  19. driving high is no big deal, as long as you dont have anything that could get you in trouble
  20. #20 Johnisriot, Sep 26, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 26, 2009
    Honestly, I would have taken off lol..

    Maybe it was some non-stinky schwag? lol.

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