Baked or stoned

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  1. I just got 1 question and thats whts the diff between getting stoned or bakes
  2. Baked,is the act of cooking something in an oven.Such as cake.

    Stoned,is the act of someone(usually a group of people)throwing stones at you until you're dead.

    Edit:Haha I felt like an ass for saying that and not actually helping.They are the same thing my friend.
  3. Same thing. But I can tell you this..... High= mellow, Stoned= jello
  4. Baking is a process and stoning is the result
    ie: Bake(Cannabis+Absorbent method)=Stoned(Hungry/Blazed)

  5. I got halfway between writing that same joke until I figured out someone already wrote it.
  6. I personally assign a slightly different degree of highness to each euphemism, but that's just me. It goes buzzed-high-stoned-fucked up-retarded-done...

    For the most part, baked and stoned are one in the same.
  7. you must have been baked/stoned your whole life man
  8. I am very bake and stoned so I will be able to accurately execute telling you the difference between the two.....

    Baked: You are like feeling as though you are being cooked or your like a soup or just all together happy feeling of warmth

    Stoned: Dude no way am I going to be able to accurately finish doing this logically, I am getting preogressinvely higher and higher dude !LJK : LOHOOOO
  9. i pretty much use the same system lol
  10. To me. Stoned is the normal high. Baked means your high, your out of it more than normal. Depending on which grade you smoke or what you smoke out of. I guess. Im stoned right now.. Thats my opinion.
  11. I feel like when I'm stoned I'm capable of still doing things even though I don't want to and baked when the thought of doing anything is so repulsive I just smoke more.
  12. when im baked ive been smoking for awhile and feel great. but when im stoned ive been smoking all day and by the time its night im soo out of it i might not remember tomorrow morning.
  13. Baked is when you are listening to "Riders on the Storm" and you hear bacon sizzling in a pan instead of raindrops :) Cypress Hill has a song that has the same FX.
  14. To me 'baked' is more high than 'stoned'. High, stoned, baked, done.
  15. Blazed is the best

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