Baked on last day on the earth

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Sarin, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Haha i was just imagine the feeling of being absoultly ripped of your face when the world was like collapsing and stuff, like image how much of a mind blow you would have, like it wouldnt seem real.

    well just thought i would share my moment of insanity with you's.
  2. agreed. it would be very hard to react according to survival instincts. scary
  3. I honestly wouldn't know what to do, except finish the joint / bowl quickly. Ha!
  4. LOL im with bourbon! Finish that shit quick.
  5. i'd probably be laughin my ass off
    "hahahah the world's collapsing.. ssssss (toke)"
  6. haha freaking man, I for sure wouldn't believe it.
  7. that would be fucked...
  8. Damn the world ending would be a hell of a buzzkill
  9. I'd be running around snatching weed from people I dont like and from the police evidence lockers. All while smoking becuz u know everyone would be freaking out too much to notice or even care....either that or I'd just keep toking and keep wondering "hmmm..I'm gonna die high...does that mean I'll be high for eternity?"
  10. Ide try to get stoned or messed up or something. I just thought about walking out of my house and the world starts to end and i really couldnt think of doing anything but standing there, so getting messed up sounds good. Or maybe ide go scream in a bunch anti-pot peoples faces DID YOU ENJOY YOUR LIFE?! OR WERE YOU BUSY BITCHING AND MOANING ABOUT MINE?!?!?! YOU FUCKS!!!!!
  11. i prolly wouldn't believe it was happening actually
  12. i'd be thinkin, "shit, i hope the Bible isnt tru!!"...........
  13. oh my gosh....i had a dream about being stoned when Jesus came back!!! I remember waiting for him. it was soooooo cool.
  14. I'd be like "wow" in my best Ben Stein voice, LOL.

  15. who is Ben Stein???
    are you making fun of me???
  16. Have you ever seen the Clear Eyes eye-drops commercials? He's like "Clear Eyes removes redness, and has an ingredient to moisterise... Wooooow" and it's all monotone... LMAO, that guy cracks me up.
  17. i would just load up a huge ass bowl and toke untill i couldnt anymore.

  18. oh...okay

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