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baked and drunk

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mietoe, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. is it not one of the best feelings. do u it often, im both now and im crazy stupid.
  2. I used to get mad drunk and high. Not really my thing though. Sometimes its nice to get a little buzz offa alcohol then smoke, just messes ya up nicely. But if I get too drunk and too high, I just get the spins like crazy, and thats no fun.
  3. yeah when ur high u feel like ur in control, when ur drunk u feel like u have control even tho ur not, when ur both u just kind of dont. but u write funny songs, draw funny cartoons, come up with funny stories, and record funny guitar riffs. herb i love you.
  4. I did it last nite, left me semi paralised and passed out. I might just get stoned next time.
  5. Yea every thursday through saturday I get drunk and stoned. Usually I'll make sure I'm pretty buzzed from the alcohol before I toke. That seems to be the best way. I love being both drunk and stoned, in fact I never get drunk without getting stoned, although I get stoned without getting drunk a lot.
  6. Yea, getting stoned and drunk at the same time is a great ol' buzz..:D
  7. yeah, if i smoke a ton then get drunk I get the spins, but if I'm already plenty drunk and I toke it up I dont even notice it and I can keep going all night
  8. A bud and a beer is a great combo.
  9. Damn straight! That's what I do most weekends. Sometimes it's gotten a bit too fucked up though.
  10. did that last night. good times. it also made me have really wierd dreams. i had this dream that i was joining the navy and about to go get on the big ship after huggin my mother goodbye. and i really REALLY didn't want to go but the govt was making me. it really sucked. then i woke up, and decided that i needed to wake and bake to calm myself
  11. fuck yeah, getting drunk and stoned is so much fun. I toke wayyy more then i get drunk. i smoke my herbs every day and its a part of my life, i get drunk whenever its available to me but i use it more like a bonus thing, its not something i like to do every day.
    either way, its an awesome combo.
  12. i did both yesterday and holy fuck that was fuuuuun!!!
  13. I hate smoking and drinking lots, I just whitey and its horrible, I'd prefer just to be high, but then sayin that if its free alchohol I cant pass it up.......
  14. Ah newbie, you'll get used to that with pratice and the whitey will faid away and never come back again unless you go to extreme amounts and i mean extreme..a serious binge like.
  15. i came up with some crazy stuff when im messed up like that. i cant even walk.
  16. I'd rather be more stoned than drunk. I'm a small guy so it doesn't take much of either marijuana or alcohol to get buzzed.
    The last time i was drunk and stoned i barfed. It was the ironic, lame kind of barf where you had everything under control and lied down but you still threw up. i hate that.
    i would do it again more cautiously so i don't puke again, the buzz/high was definately worth it. I can't wait for the winter to be overwith so i can start going outisde again.
  17. I did it once and it was a goood time til my friend got busted, I felt way to outta control though like I was just balls to the walls plastered and didnt like it

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