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Baja Blast Mystery Solved

Discussion in 'General' started by LIsmoker, Mar 25, 2010.

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    One of the best parts about going to Taco Bell is to get Baja Blast but I have now figured out the secret to Baja Blast.

    Ingredients needed are: Blue Gatorade (I'm not sure if blue Powerade works, I haven't tried yet) and Mello Yello
    Now fill your cup half way with Mello Yello and then fill the other half with the gatorade.
    (If I'm lazy I pour a little less than half Mello Yello and then put the Gatorade in and finally put in the rest of the Mello Yello - fake mixing)

    Your final product should look something like this

  2. Im not really a big fan of caffeinated sodas but that looks like The Blast.

    If anyone likes Jones sodas I found a way to mix up the Berry Lemonade flavor that is light blue in color.

    Just use half sprite/sierra mist and half blue powerade/gatorade. You can also adjust it for taste preference.

    I found this out one day at McDonalds, which I hardly go to now.
  3. Dude strait up, idk where you live but i live in maine. And we dont have baja blast ANYWHERE!!!!! Not here. I have a friend who moved here from Key West and he wouldnt stop talking about it!! Ive always wanted some but i never could. BUT NOW I CAN!!


    keep tokin,
  4. Thank you very much, sir!! (the polka-dot table was in a guest room I was napping in :p)

  5. I thought baja blast was more of a blueish color..:confused_2:

  6. [​IMG]

  7. Ma bad
  8. can you believe taco bell closed in my town, btw that would be key west and yes baja blast is the shit and now im going out to buy the ingredients...
  9. we dont have mellow yellow.

    Is it like mountian dew?
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    Some sites say that Mello Yello is Coke's competitor with Mountain Dew. I've never tried it but it may work.

  11. It's LIKE mountain dew in that they're both green and glow in the dark... beyond that they taste nothing alike.
  12. i think its more like 1/2 blue gatorade, 1/4 club soda, and a quarter mellow yellow

    my mom has a soda maker that just carbonates water and then you pour that water into some syrup and have a soda. ill see if i can do it to the blue gatorade and ill check it out with a similar mix
  13. OP your my hero.
  14. while were on the subject of awesome drinks, has anyone noticed that sobe has switched from glass bottles to plastic? im so pissed.....
  15. whaaat? all over my town they're still glass
  16. ya i dont drink pop, but thats all i hear people talking about whove tried it
  17. I was just sippin on my water while readin this thread and I could've sworn it tasted a bit like baja blast....
    this some crazy shit
  18. I'm glad to hear so many people enjoy the "instructions." Let me know if you try it and tell me what you think.


    I've seen a few plastic bottles but glass is still able to be found. However, I'm not a huge sobe fan so I haven't been on the look out.

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