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  1. Just out of curiosity, do any of you GCer's follow the Baha'i Faith or have any background/life experience in/with the faith?
  2. Funny, just randomnly watched a show on womens secret lifes on WE (if you wanna ask, the TV was just on as I went for a late night munch,I swear ;)), and one of the ladies was a Baha'i pratctitioner I guess you could say. It seems real nice and all, but Im not one to conform to much.

    Well sorry I dont have any life experience with this religion, but it was a rather strange co-inky dink.

    Peace out.

    P.S. Don't be trendy....Be a Trend Center. Live Your Philosophies, not theirs.
  3. It's mostly a curiosity thing. . .my friend's mom, who was Norwegian, died this week, and her funeral was at a Baha'i center and it was weird because everything is very Eastern looking and yet it's a "Western"ish Abrahamic religion. . .and I had *never* heard anything of it.
  4. I had two friends that were brother and sister that were Baha'i along with their parents. My buddy told me about the religion, but I forgot everything he said... I used to go to a coffee house thing they had in high school and perform.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. :p
  5. Yeah, its basically like an old new age religion trying to unite everyone. Not too different from any other thing out there, it just seems like a church I would go to in order to meet like minded people, and maybe find a trippy hippy hotty or somethin.

    Anyway I would have a blast if I could fry at one of there meetings, dressed all hermit Hindu would be a freakin roll. I think they have this day were they go out into town and dance around and spread positive vibes to everyone, its really kinda like an Indian mardigrass, it looks fun as fuck. But then the chick on WE started chanting HERY HERY KRISHNA BLAH BLAH BLAH which ment blah blah blah just reminded me of, I pray the Lord to keep.... Or Bless this daily bread...

    I think life lived is life understood, any "thinking" I do now is for meer entertainment and rushes of epiphany.
  6. I'm Catholic but I've read up on it a bit. It seems interesting enough because like you said, it has an Eastern feel to it but it's Abrahamic.

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