Bagseeds 2 weeks want imput

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  1. Hi Grass City!

    I got a makeshift indoor set up with 4 100-watt CFL They are on a 24/0
    not sure if thats good for them but i figure more light faster they
    grow. They are two weeks old and i am watering them every other day. I
    would like some feedback.

    Any idea what kind of strand they might be ?

    What do you think on how they are doing ?

    And over all how are they doing?

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  2. Nice. If that was mine, I would fill those cups up with soil, the stems are to long so bury them in soil and they will grow roots.
  3. Hey it look good bro i been using cfl for a while now, it hard to make them have really thick stems when they are small with cfl, you have to constantly adjust the light so it's almost touching but not touching the leaf.
  4. You playing music in there bro? Bet the ladies love it. I'd have to agree with the dudes above and add that you should transplant these to smth not transparent. They are still young and roots haven't formed all the way but it'd be the wise thing to do.
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    Definitely fill those cups to the top with soil, and cover the cups in duct tape or something. Roots don't like light, so those clear cups are no good.

    Also, those aren't 100w CFLs, 100w CFLs are huge. Those look to be 100 incandescent equivalent watts, which means they're only 23-27 ACTUAL watts. Thusly you have only around 100w on 8 plants. This is fine for now, but as they get bigger you're going to need to add more CFLs. You'll need around 100w per plant to flower and have any decent results.

    To be honest, if you're planning on flowering multiple plants, then you should probably get an HPS. I grow with CFLs and I think they're great, but they're only really the better choice for small grows. CFLs are hailed for running at lower temps than HID lights, but in the end, since you need so many, you've got like 12 of them packed into a closet. And they're gonna end up making it as hot as if an HID was in there. And cost isn't a great argument in CFLs favor either. I have an 8 socket fixture that I built for a 20"x20"x48" cabinet, the fixture cost me like $40 to build, then another $80 on all the bulbs I need for it. I run it with anything from 198-276w worth of bulbs in it, but I could have gotten a 150w HPS for the same price, or a 250w for not much more.
  6. get a used hid light on craigslist. this is the secret to cheap lighting if youre looking for it. I personally got a 400w hid with digital ballast and a mh bulb for 100 dollars used. While this was at a local grow shop, i found the deal on craigslist. cfls are mighty cool but kind of a strange idea if you need like 10 of them.

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