Bagseed Week 6 Flowering *Pics*

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LilDize, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Currently 4 days into week 6 flowering. Im posting to sort of just get an idea of where its at and how healthy its looking based on what everyone thinks so im hoping i can get some replies thanks y'all!

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  2. looks good, but a bit small are those solo cups? id go to at least 3 gal. pots
  3. What kind of lights and how many are you using
  4. Im running 4x23w in a small grow box/speaker cab 20"x12" 6" deep. In the back of the cab I have 2 exhaust fans mounted up top and 1 intake mounted in the bottom corner. Its a micro grow dedicated to small plants for nothing but the love for growing. By no means am i going for quantity but quality is key.
  5. I like your way of thinking. Quality over quantity... Did u use the same lights for veg and flower?
  6. no i used a 65k 27k mix through veg. only reason im going so small really is simply due to my home situation. all in all tho its been a fun experience. from what ive read most strains go 8 weeks and some sativa strains go 11 weeks. i figure ill flower 8-9 weeks giving me about 2-3 weeks left.
  7. Baggy McBagseed here to; I think yours look baggerific, the smoke should be bagtabulous.
  8. I am soooo jealous of this grow. I want dank little heavenly plants!
  9. hey thanks y'all for the kind words! excited for harvest in a couple weeks
  10. tonight @ 12a will be the start of week 7 for my little one. I will post pics of the start of week 8 and try to get some feedback on whether or not it looks ready for harvest. I think its looking alright but may swell alot these last 2 weeks. i will flush during week 8.

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