bagseed shwag turning into funk

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  1. so i got 1 female plant growin my first grow just for experience bla bla anyway it came from some random bagseed mids and its got tons of hairs and is developing crystal also its starting to get that minty dank weed smell nothin like what the stuff it came from smelled like "probably smelled like a barn" i know they say you should get better weed growin urself but this is a big difference the genetics have been good so far its budding on time growing short and fat etc if i can expect this from bagseed i plan on just growing more next year instead of buying seeds is this something i will be able to expect next year too from some bagseed mids or is this just wierd? I can tell by the time this shits done it could pass for no name dank in my area.
  2. just goes to show how important curing is
  3. yeah bro any seed has the potential to be dank.

  4. 100% agree all on how u take care of it there ur babys
  5. I am also growing some bagseed, seemed like an indica strain when I smoked it, but grows more sativa. I agree with everyone else, you can grow some good bud from some crappy weed as long as you give it TLC :p I think the problem it was so shitty is because when most commercial growers do it, they put em outside, take em down too early before they reach their max potential, dry them too quickly and don't cure them at all.
  6. Yeah dude im a 100 percent bagseed believer till i die. You CAN get dank off bagseed. Next time some REALLY FIRE mids comes around your town, ya know that good ass dense stuff with those nice hard tiger striped seeds n em? Yeah, save them. I started all my plants off "fire mids" seeds and I came out with beasters/close to chronic cause its got the chronic smell and all. Homegrown bud is going to be awesome period. Period.

  7. love finding these seeds in some mids. It's all up to how you treat it.

    it would be sad if a plant went into flowering, and dry, brown schwag started budding all over it, ahah.
  8. Yeah I really havent figured out how schwag becomes so bad. Unless its just completely not cared for and packaged for a superrrrr long time and handled a billion fucking times before you ever put it in your piece or I would hope a blunt haha.

  9. that's about right. commercial brick growers have tons of plants, so they only give them basic needs, and sometimes chop them early with no cure, if they need to make some money quick.
  10. lol I used to be one of those uninformed people who'd be like "ya, man. the bud this seed came from was DANK!!!"

    I guess the worst type of bagseed would be mexican sativa....if you're in northern climates. otherwise it doesn't really matter. most strains are mostly indica anyway and their bagseed will probably work fine outdoors.
  11. There are a lot of people paying big money for 'name' seed that doesn't smoke any better, in many cases worse due to their inexperience, than local outdoor indica strains. Seems like every other single plant grower has a name brand seed. Other than the CA boutique dispensaries all the weight buyers care about is appearance, grower rep and packaging. I know one grower that when people ask him what he grows that replies with 'What do you want it to be?'

    Yep, mexican sativa has created a lot of disappointed outdoor growers with short seasons. I hear it all the time from people who know new growers from SoCal that bring their mexican sativa seeds to grow in Oregon.
  12. you also run a bigger risk of getting caught with those tall lanky sativas. They can grow to liek 12 ft tall

  13. you can grow plants with mostly indica that big, too. cept they're not lanky. lol
  14. Try 20ft tall.
  15. To me bag seed is a hermie striat that I do not want to mess with. How do you think that seed got into your bag? Probably a hermie plant.

    I would not grow them in large numbers. But they do have a place for some. Just not me.
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  16. Some of the best strains known to man were random bagseed crosses... for instance Original chemdog. Which I'm sure you'll agree isn't a bunch of bullshit. When you get hermies, most of the time it is because of light influences.
  17. Yah I got some female bagseed flowering right now and they smell so damn dank.

    I've seen the finished material many times from bagseed also, sensi if grown right and tons of crystals, the smell, taste, everything. :smoking:
  18. A lot of the bag seed out there is Mexican Sativa where males pollinated females, the females produced seed, the crop was harvested and pressed into bricks for initial distribution. Look at the number of sativa plant images posted by first-time growers from all over the US on the various forums.

    There are so many first-time growers on these forums I find it difficult to believe they all have access to premium weed. The US currently grows 50% of domestic weed consumption and most of it is sensimilla of varying grades. If someone does buy hermie bag seed,they should be looking for a new supply source.

  19. i heard regs only grows in mexico, or other harsh climates, so does that mean a reg seed could really be a white widow seed? but was just grown in harsh climates
  20. What's regs?

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