Bagseed Rubbermaid Attic Grow

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    This is my first grow past 2 weeks old. I'm using a generic potting soil.
    3 x 23w CFLs (1 is broken, gonna get another soon)
    2 x Fans (unkown cfm)

    Age: 14 days
    Time Period: 18/6
    Pot Size: 6" (little big, but w/e)
    Strain: Bagseed (mexibrick)

    I started this right after I moved into my new apartment before the beginning of school. So they are about 2 weeks old. I used 2 MG food spikes in the soil(Just had them laying around). This grow I'm going to flower them fairly young, because my next setup is going to be an ebb 'n flow with 3 4" baskets.

    Currently this setup is in my attic and I check it max of once a day. Watering every couple days. Only when the soil is dry.


  2. Day 15

    New pics!

  3. hey man i like your setup but i think you should put in that other light into your spitter
  4. Yeah I have 2 free ones in the mail, just going to put one of those in.
  5. Day 17

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  6. your plants are looking good your grow is similar to mines cept urs is looking better lol and i haven't updated my grow im awhile.
  7. So I actually am updating. My camera's battery was dead and I lost my charger until earlier today. So the update is out of the two plants 1 was male and 1 was female. I've been flowering for about 3 weeks. Can't remember the exact date I changed times.

    I gave the male away to a friend who wants to start growing.

    Here's pictures of the female.

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  8. Quick update no pics. She is dying. It's getting too cold up in the attic and she's takin a beating. Hopefully it will warm up this week and she'll stay in there, but if she dies she dies. I'm not about to bring her inside.
  9. Awe that sucks man, how cold is it getting up there?
  10. It's getting close to around 60.

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