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  1. Hello GC I'm a new grower & fast learner. I'm aiming to produce a one pound plant using one Maybe two dwc 5 gallon buckets.

    4×4×8 grow tent
    6 inch Vortex fan with carbon filter 440 CFM.
    For seedlings & veg I have a 250 watt CFL.
    For flower I have a 600 watt HPS cooltube.
    Flora series nutrients.
    I'm using tap water now but will eventually switch over to osmosis water.

    Any advice tips or tricks would help.
    Question number 1
    How much faster is dwc vs Soil.
    Question number 2
    Is it okay to monster crop and lollipop feminized seeds.
    Question number 3
    What is the best way to prevent spider mites before I ever have an issue with them if I ever will.
    Question number 4
    Will using only the three part Flora series produce quality dank by itself.
    Question number 5
    I'm in week 1 of germination using bag seeds for practice they have already sprouted and are about 1 inch and a half to 2 inches tall inside rockwool humidity Dome. But I have at least one month before my Vortex fan and carbon filter arrives. How long can you veg until room needs ventilation.
    I'm using the heater to keep temperatures at 85 while germinating without heater temperature ranges from 60 to 76 degrees. Oscillating 6 inch fan stays on at all times.

    If anyone has the time to break things down step by step from germination to flower I would really appreciate it I'm a very fast learner.
    Also is there anything I can do with my practice bag seeds once they get to flower instead of throwing them away and will they be all male or 50/50.
  2. First off, you seem to have a plan, that's good, you want to go for quality first, quantity will follow. In hydroponics it the roots, be sure to take care of them, I highly recommend HydroGuard, SilicaBlast or Voodoo. Not sure how much faster hydro is over soil because of way to many factors, I think hydro taste and smokes better. So to maximize space and yield as well, I use the mainline method, nice even canopy and great for tight spaces. The 3 part should work just fine, my dollars go first into root supplements. And you have to play the ventilation issue by ear, it comes down to heat issues, good to keep a fan blowing always. One I put up the big lights I get ready to vent. And here is a link to mainlining, YouTube has some good videos on it as well.
    "Main-Lining" Tutorial by Nugbuckets: Train Marijuana Plants for Bigger Yields & Flat Canopies | Grow Weed Easy
    Here is one of my mainline grows:
    Classic Grow Fall 2015 Acapulco Gold, Maui Waui w/main-lining

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  4. Thanks very much mr. Florista I'm ordering Silica Blast Off Amazon right now. In the links are great help.

  5. Plant looks freaking amazing
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  7. You definitely need silica bro lol. I learnt the hard way and have broken of one to many large branches. The added bonus with silica is it will deter mites and bugs. I have neem oil on hand but haven't had to use it. With the tap water, check online for a water analysis report to see what's in your tap water, as it may have calcium and magnesium in it already. I'm in a similar position as you, I've just ordered a reverse osmosis filter yesterday. I'm also going for a pound, but I have only one plant. You'll have to scrog a veg for at least 2-3 months for a pound.

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  8. You answered a ? I didn't no I had with the 2-3 month veg time thanks.
    I plan on only using one plant anyway. But yea i have RO filter for about 4 weeks now and also silica blast I'm only using a little under half strenth because I dnt no if it will burn the plants. Also when and how often should I use silica blast. Also using Superthrive in H2O2 cali magic 3 part Flora series. Ps the RO filter water is about 19 ppm i love it. Now I'm having high humidity issues and negative air pressure. Any tips on that one or have you run across that problem yet.
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