Bagseed, lookin ok for day 12?

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  1. First Grow: ONE plant, Bagseed from a dank ass pure purple bud lol
    Pictures are from Day12, I mainly want advice on if it is developing at a normal rate and when it enters veg so I can start feeding

    Soil - peat moss, vermiculite, lime mixed with a little mg organic choice and plenty of perlite. I know MG isnt the best but its what I could get only 2 months of time release at 0.10(N)-0.5(P)-0.5(K) should be great mixed with the other shit and perlite also MG organic choice now does not have the little yellow nute beads[​IMG]

    Nutrients - MG tomato plant food.. Lol once again I'm not paying 50 dollars for FoxFarm. Its 18(N)-18(P)-21(K) with other minerals copper zinc ect.. I understand that it needs more N on veg and P on flower but I don't care I need advice for what I have HERE. I plan on starting feeding on the 3rd week at 1/4 recommended dose every OTHER feeding and upping to 3/4 recommended dose MAX.

    Water - Rain water with egg shells for calcium(been sitting for like 2 months) I have 4 gallons with eggshells dissolved into it and 3 gallons of distilled water for the last couple weeks of flowering :D

    Light - I run 24/0 with two 6500k 50w CFL's at the moment on the seedling. When it goes into veg which I'm not sure happenes!!?:confused: I plan on using two 6500k and one 100w 2700k CFL's, as well when it starts to flower if I make it I plan on using my two 2700k 100 watt CFL's with one 6500k. I also have an exhaust fan and a small fan blowing kinda on the plant and a massive fan blowing air around the room outside the box. The box is lined with a $3 mylar emergency blanket. :metal:

    I would love some advice if anyone has ANY AT ALL
    Happy growing :smoking:
    Sir Murdock

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  2. you will definitely need to oxygenate your rain water if its been sitting for months, wouldnt wanna water it with stagnant water. but yeah it looks nice and healthy so go you! lol. happy growin!
  3. The more light the better is all I can say

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